All Scenarios
Easy to Understand
27+ billion words of technical documents, 1.8+ million manuals, and 1.5+ million frontline engineers from Huawei and partners jointly build a knowledge base.
Support multiple languages. Some manuals can be translated into 9 languages.
400+ online documentation tools covering all service scenarios, shortening the time for planning, design, troubleshooting, and helping improve capabilities.
For popular scenarios, Huawei-developed knowledge graph provides a smart kernel, constructs 20,000+ entities, and extracts millions of knowledge graph triplets to implement second-level search.
Cover 100% service product versions and all service scenarios in the enterprise, carrier, Kunpeng/Ascend, and HUAWEI CLOUD fields.
New forms of documentation, such as video, 3D, AR, and VR, providing visualized information, intuitive understanding, and enjoyable experience.
Simulation environment combining learning and hands-on operations, enabling users to quickly master system configuration methods and processes.
More accurate intent detection and higher knowledge density and association, greatly reducing the time cost for engineers and users to obtain product knowledge.