• How Digital Transformation Contributes To Improving Traffic

    Global Traffic Management & Law
    Enforcement Roundtable

    17:00-19:00, September 6, 2021 (UTC+8)


Improving traffic has always been a major concern for governments around the world. Badly managed traffic can stifle economic growth of cities and regions. So traffic needs to be managed to the best interests of citizens and governments.

There are a wide spectrum of approaches and maturities in their application; this diversity, coupled with the constantly increasing capabilities of technology mean that decision makers will benefit from having a good awareness of all these facets when deciding on their strategic approaches. Each strategy has to meet the localized needs of highway engineering, traffic law enforcement and ICT strategies, and fit within funding envelopes.

So Huawei will bring together operational leaders in all these fields to participate in a global, roundtable. The objective of which is to share competent expert’s knowledge and experience and debate the key challenges.


  • Time
    Welcome & Introduction

    Andrew Campbell Watson (Moderator)

    Global Government Business Unit, Huawei

    Opening Remarks

    Thomas Xu

    Global Government Business Unit, Huawei

    Market space and industrial trend

    Thomas Lynch

    Research Director, Omdia

    Discussion I:What are the current challenges for road safety management/traffic law enforcement?

    Moderator & Panelists

    Discussion II:In the future, what is the direction of traffic management digital transformation?

    Moderator & Panelists


    Andrew Campbell Watson

    Global Government Business Unit, Huawei