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2023 Thailand Enterprise
Partner Elite Club Program

Register to Participate & Redeem for Reward

The Partner Elite Club Introduction

The Partner Elite Club aim to encourage Huawei partner’s employees to continuously improve their capabilities, participate in certification exams, support Huawei's projects, spread Huawei's technical ideas, and help Huawei build its brand, we hereby release the Partner Elite Club.

Join the Partner Elite Club and get rewarded for engaging with us and driving your Huawei business.

Participation Method

  1. • Participants must be the employees of Huawei's enterprise sales partners, including distributor, VAP, Gold Partners, Silver Partners, Authorized Partners.
  2. • Participants must obtain the approval of their respective employer companies and registered the Partner Elite Club Enrollment
  3. Register here

Points Earning

Category Description Points
Huawei Certificate HCSA-Presales¹ or HCIA 2
HCSP-Presales or HCIP 20
HCIE 180
Lecture Lecture by Partner Instructor (Per Time) 10
Lecture POC by partner individual holds HCSA-Presales or HCSP-Presales (IP Network or storage project only) 4/8 (Dist./CFT Partner)
Proposal design by partner individual holds HCSA-Presales or HCSP-Presales 2/4 (Dist./CFT Partner)
TOR supports by partner individual holds HCSA-Presales or HCSP-Presales 2/4 (Dist./CFT Partner)
Project delivery by partner individual holds HCIP 5
Project delivery by partner individual holds HCIE 20

Notes: 1) includes HCSA-Field-Intelligent Collaboration.

Elite Points (hereinafter referred to points) refers to scoring points that partner individuals are rewarded in accordance with this program. The individual earn points for activities happened and validated by Huawei during program period.

Points will be accumulated automatically for the individual.


Reward Points
Shopping Voucher 250 THB 1

Terms & Conditions

  • • The program period is from 1st Jan 2023 to 31st Dec 2023.
  • • The individuals from Huawei sales partners or service partners are eligible for the program. The individuals should complete online enrollment of Partner Elite Club. During the enrollment, the individuals confirms their company's endorsement.
  • • Claims belongs to project support and delivery shall be submitted to Huawei via by the following periods.

  • Reward Period Claim Due Date
    2023 Quarter 1 & 2 prior end of July 2023
    2023 Quarter 3 prior end of Oct 2023
    2023 Quarter 4 prior end of Jan 2024

  • • Points will be cleared after end of Jan 2024.
  • • The individuals has to associate their Huawei certificates to the partner company prior the points be gained.
  • • The individual shall guarantee that the information provided to Huawei regarding project support and delivery is accurate and true. In the event that the information provided by the individual is determined as false, Huawei may exclude related partners or individuals from the program and cancel their points granted previously in accordance with Huawei policies.
  • • The partner individuals shall pay all taxes related to the vouchers as may be levied under any relevant or applicable law, including but not limited to Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax and etc.
  • • Huawei reserve the rights to revise the Terms and Conditions of this program. Huawei decision is full and final in the event of any dispute.

Compliance Requirements

Partners should strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations, Huawei Anti-Bribery Compliance and related requirements, Anti-corruption Policy for Huawei Partners, as well as customers' internal management requirements, and should not use MDF incentives granted by Huawei for any illegal purpose, for example, to bribe public officials or other personnel in any direct or indirect manner for the purpose of helping Huawei obtain or retain business opportunities.

Partners must comply with personal privacy protection requirements. If an application or acceptance materials involve third-party personal information, the consent or authorization of the third party must be obtained.

Partners shall ensure trade secret compliance and comply with competition laws in all corresponding activities. Relevant application or acceptance materials should not contain unauthorized information about third parties.

Partners shall comply with all agreements signed with Huawei and policies released by Huawei related to marketing compliance. If a partner uses exaggerated or false information during marketing activities, or conducts PR and marketing activities without reaching an agreement with Huawei, which has an adverse effect on Huawei, the partner shall assume all corresponding liabilities, in accordance with agreements signed with Huawei and relevant Huawei policies.

Huawei reserves the right to ask partners to provide additional application or acceptance materials for post-event verification and auditing. Huawei reserves the right to review false or repetitive applications, hold corresponding personnel accountable, and impose penalties, in accordance with relevant management regulations.