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Improvement Service Refines ICT Infrastructure

ICT systems are the basic platforms that support enterprise business development. Performance deterioration and system faults can impact enterprises’ core service operations to an undesirable degree. Urgent system optimization and performance improvements are needed. Customers want regular optimization and proactive O&M solutions to keep their ICT infrastructure in its best condition, and improve support for their business operations. 

Huawei Improvement services focus on availability, O&M efficiency, and service performance of the ICT infrastructure. The services provide end-to-end improvement solutions for IP networks, transport networks, wireless networks, and IT systems. With the industry’s best practices, expert teams, and intelligent tools and platforms, the services assess and analyze customers’ ICT systems to a detailed degree, provide proactive O&M support and standard management, and optimize service system performance to guarantee stable network operations and improve service quality fast. Moreover, continuous optimization ensures customers’ ICT systems work in the optimal state, to build a healthy platform for enterprise business innovation and digital transformation.


  • Performance Management

  • Remote Management Service

Performance Management

Our professional services help customers monitor, evaluate, and ensure video performance, identify risks that may affect video quality, and continuously optimize customers’ systems.

Remote Management Service

Huawei’s Remote Management Service applies to multi-branch enterprises. The platform remotely and intelligently offers 24/7 real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance services on the cloud.


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