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What Is a Software-Defined Camera?

The video surveillance industry has entered the intelligent era. Cameras have evolved from offering mere visibility — today, they provide multi-dimensional, intelligent awareness, where images are understandable and analyzable, and trends are foreseeable.

The software used in traditional cameras is coupled with the hardware, severely limiting their application. Conversely, Huawei’s innovative Software-Defined Camera (SDC) — supported by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) chips, an open-ended Operating System (OS), and a future-proof ecosystem — decouple intelligent algorithms from hardware, in turn supporting the continuous, nearly instantaneous online upgrade of algorithms and self-learning. This enables the sustainable development of algorithms throughout the hardware lifecycle, requiring just a one-time hardware investment.

Huawei SDC adopts an open-ended software architecture that can integrate more advanced algorithms from ecosystem partners, achieving inclusive AI. Additionally, an open hardware architecture allows — indeed, even encourages — connections to various third party sensors, helping to create additional social and business value for customers in diverse sectors.

To adapt to varied security demands and process massive amounts of information and data, AI-based computing power has become an important basis for intelligent video products. Quite simply, Huawei SDC directly overcomes the security limitations that traditional cameras face.

In Huawei’s comprehensive range, there are three main series of SDC: the X (eXtra) series, the M (Magic) series, and the C (Credible) series — all are equipped with advanced AI chips, able to load different algorithms, and meet diversified intelligent requirements.

X (eXtra) series: Equipped with superior AI chips and a full algorithm set, driving intelligence to new levels.

M (Magic) series: Intensive AI-powered cameras featuring lightweight computing power and intelligence, providing intelligence for dedicated scenarios.

C (Credible) series: Ultra-simplified Operations and Maintenance (O&M) achieves high-level video quality diagnosis, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for ultra-High Definition (HD) footage.

  • Face and Body Cameras

  • Omni-Data Structuring Cameras

  • Vehicle Cameras

  • Integrated ITS Cameras

  • Situation Awareness Cameras

  • Integrated Video Site PowerCube 500

650 488 xingxiang
Face and Body Cameras

This type of cameras can accurately capture faces in motion and match faces in real time in densely populated scenes such as walkways and entrances.

Magic (M) series


650 488 xingtu
Omni-Data Structuring Cameras

This type of cameras are smart cameras that can simultaneously capture and recognize motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and pedestrians. The cameras support concurrent running of multiple algorithms and can meet video structuring requirements in complex scenarios such as backstreets and urban roads.

eXtra (X) series

650 488 xingchi
Vehicle Cameras

This type of camera supports license plate recognition, vehicle type recognition, vehicle color recognition, and classification of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and pedestrians, applicable to vehicle detection and capture in multiple scenarios such as urban roads, inter-city roads, and city gates.

eXtra (X) series

650 488 xingdun
Integrated ITS Cameras

This type of cameras are mainly used to detect and record traffic violations taking place at road intersections. By recording traffic violations in detail, these cameras act as the traffic order keeper, effectively promoting courteous driving.

eXtra (X) series

650 488 xingchen
Situation Awareness Cameras

This types of cameras can adapt to varied light conditions and weathers and produce 4K surveillance images in real time by dynamically adjusting image enhancement algorithms. They are widely applied in a variety of industries such as rail transportation and campus.

eXtra (X) series


Magic (M) series


Credible (C) series

PowerCube 500
Integrated Video Site PowerCube 500

A one-stop solution to address challenges in video backhaul and equipment power supply, helping customers flexibly deploy surveillance and control solutions.

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    SDC ของหัวเว่ยสามารถแทนที่กล้องบางตัวบนเครือข่ายที่มีอยู่และเชื่อมต่อกับกล้องรุ่นเก่าทั่วไป โดยใช้พลังประมวลผลที่มีอยู่และแปลงกล้องรุ่นเก่าให้กลายเป็นกล้องอัจฉริยะ ซึ่งจะช่วยเพิ่ม ROI และประสิทธิภาพการทำงานของเราให้ถึงขีดสุด


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