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    Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution Helps Infinite Green Develop Best Performing and Highly Reliable Power Plant


Founded in 2009, Infinite Green Co., Ltd. is a leading solar power plant developer in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The company is a subsidiary of Premier Products Public Co., Ltd. (PPP), Thailand’s leader in environmental products, construction materials and clean energy businesses.

Infinite Green Co., Ltd. owns three photovoltaic (PV) power plants in Saraburi province, with a combined capacity of 15 MW. It also offers a range of high-quality turnkey solutions and services related to the alternative energy sector for its customers across the region.

With the aim to develop photovoltaic power plants of highest efficiency and reliability, Infinite Green is dedicated to using latest innovations and eco-friendly technologies in its efforts to raise living standards in Thailand while preserving the country’s natural resources.

Customer’s requirements and challenges:

IGC Saraburi II Solar Plant is one of Infinite Green’s solar electric generating facilities in Kaeng Khoi district in Petchburi province. The 5 MW plant started its Commercial Operation Date (COD) in 2013. Using the traditional electric power generation technologies and outdated 4kw single-phase inverters, the plant’s system was difficult to manage and maintain.

Various parts of its legacy solar solutions, installed over 10 years ago, required a lot of attention and care from its O&M staff, leading to high maintenance costs. Using worn-out inverters also compromised efficiency and reliability of the plant’s solar energy generating system, resulting in reduced Performance Ratio. Realizing the need for a new set of PV inverters, the company sought a smart system that could help optimize the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) in the long term.

Huawei Solutions: Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution

Fully implemented in December 2020, Huawei collaborated with Premier Products Public Co., Ltd. to provide Huawei Smart PV solutions for Infinite Green’s solar plant consist of two products:

1.    Huawei Smart PV Controller (SUN2000-100KTL-M1)

This smart PV inverter is equipped with industry-leading technologies that are unique to Huawei. The equipment provides customers with a straight-forward O&M system and a centralized control that ensures safety and reliability at all times. The inverter’s highlighted features include:

  • The fuse-free design provides a “No-touch” maintenance
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.8% at 480V guarantees always-on availability, ensuring low failure rate
  • A string-level management means each string can achieve its best performance independently for higher yields
  • IP66-rated protection standard guarantees that the equipment can withstand harsh weather conditions

2.    Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis

Huawei Smart PV Solution features AI Boost Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis. Equipped with FusionSolar Smart PV Management System, the solution provides system analysis using advanced diagnosis algorithm. The online scanning and analysis can help detect faults, irregularities and abnormal decrease in all system operations, achieving higher O&M efficiency, proactive maintenance and lower operation costs. The smart system’s key features include:

  • The PV string I-V curve analysis helps identify faults with automatic report generation
  • One-click scanning allows on-the-go monitoring without the need of manual checks by the onsite experts
Customer benefits:

-       Huawei’s easy-to-manage centralized system operations allow the company to see all the system information and identify potential issues at once. This helps save manpower and man hours for Infinite Green, significantly reducing operations costs

-       After installing Huawei Smart PV Solution PR, the company saw 4.6% increase in energy yields

-       The highly reliable and cost-effective solar generating solutions provided by Huawei help the firm create more electricity in less time, leading to higher sales and profit

-       The renovation allows the plant to reach a positive Return of Investment

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