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Playing it Smart: eLTE Goes to the Games


Nanjing is the second largest city in Eastern China, with a population of 8 million people. The Municipal Government decided to build a citywide wireless broadband network to attract smart industries and prepare for the 2013 Asian Youth Games and 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Serving as their information backbone, the city looked to the network to lay a solid foundation for a “Smart Nanjing”.


With a population slightly larger than the San Francisco Bay Area, spread over about 4,000 sq. miles (6,600 sq. km), Nanjing is a big place. It needs the same broadband services as any large city, but also needed to cope with the complexities of large sports venues and integrating public utilities into their network.

Solutions such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX, public 3G networks, and TETRA-based network expansion could not meet the demands in terms of performance, reliability, high bandwidth, and scalability. So, Nanjing decided to use the Huawei eLTE solution — a mature end-to-end solution that provides rich functions over a single network, from traditional trunking to voice and video dispatch to real-time video distribution.  


Huawei’s eLTE solution provides network coverage for the entire city, combines fixed and mobile networks, and integrates the old fragmented information systems using eLTE’s excellent performance, open platform, and flexible interfaces. It forms a unified information platform that permits information sharing and unified video and voice dispatch for:

  • Public security and traffic control
  • Firefighting and emergency response
  • Medical and public health
  • Electrical and water utilities

In addition to the typical services a big city needs, Nanjing hosted the 2013 Asian Youth Games and 2014 Youth Olympic Games. These large events involved thousands of athletes, dozens of venues, and were seen around the globe, providing Nanjing the opportunity to showcase itself to the world.

During the games, Huawei’s solution provided reliable, high-quality communications and helped guarantee the success of the event by providing:

  • Fixed and mobile surveillance capturing live traffic and security feeds from around athlete housing, stadiums, and nearby areas
  • Coordination and dispatch between the command center, event organizers, security, and transportation

Huawei’s solution provides a number of benefits:

  • Voice, video, and data on a single, high-speed network
  • Multiband capabilities to avoid the signal interference prevalent in big cities and at large venues
  • Scalable networking to grow for the future
  • Lightweight network management that lowers costs and makes O&M easier

Huawei’s eLTE solution helps governments improve their information systems, enhance their emergency communications, and create safer, smarter cities… now, and in the future.

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