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Polish Town Benefits with LTE Broadband Network


Ożarowice, Poland has a population of only 1,700. Communication networks in this region were very limited. Local Internet Service Providers provided some wireless access but offered poor coverage and few broadband Internet services to the public or government. 


Companies were unwilling to expand infrastructure due to this city’s remote geographic location, sparse population, and lack of funding. All of these factors also prevented city development. To bridge the communications gap between the government and its citizens, the city’s government decided to build a broadband network to enable new services. A wireless solution was required that would minimize project implementation time and costs.


Ożarowice’s decision-makers selected Huawei, recognized as an industry-leading LTE solutions provider and the first to support Time-Division LTE (TD-LTE) for commercial applications. Huawei’s eLTE solution supports 3.7 GHz band deployment, uses lightweight equipment and special outdoor terminal devices to enable convenient broadband access. The solution now provides this Polish city with an efficient, modern network to promote collaborative communication among government sectors. Additionally, the new network offers Voice over IP (VoIP) with stable broadband Internet connectivity for its citizens. The platform uses new mobile video surveillance application services for government employees to visually monitor and analyze data to maximize efficient use of water, electricity, and coal.


The Ożarowice project was recognized by the European Commission for its implementation of a next-generation access network. The EC classifies LTE as a broadband technology that it supports for future expansion. LTE has become a proven solution to optimize costs of network construction for mobile operators, but also is the perfect option for publicly-funded networks. Synergy generated by the co-operation between these two sectors promotes integrated solutions for the deployment of wireless networks in other locations worldwide.

The Huawei eLTE solution provides equipment that easily deploys wireless broadband networks in difficult environments, along with an open platform that enables new services such as visual monitoring and security surveillance. The system also eliminates complications caused by technological incompatibility between systems.

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