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Huawei UPS Protects Hospital’s Vital Services

14/9/2559 0:00:00


In September 2001, the Shenzhen municipal government worked with Peking University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to upgrade the Shenzhen Central Hospital. The hospital was renamed Peking University Shenzhen Hospital and Peking University Shenzhen Clinical School. Both of them are managed by Peking University Affiliated Hospital.

Today, Peking University Shenzhen Hospital is a modern, Grade III, Class A hospital operated by the Shenzhen government. The hospital provides diagnoses, treatment, and rehabilitation for patients in Shenzhen and nearby districts and towns.

The total construction area of the hospital is 223,000 square meters. Total assets are 1.13 billion yuan (translate into USD $0.165B). The hospital has modern medical devices worth more than 780 million yuan (USD $113M). There are 2,059 employees, including 681 associate chief physicians; 535 members of staff with a masterʼs or higher degree; and 112 have studied in foreign universities.


To provide modern, information-based medical care, the hospital needed to build a new communications equipment room for internal communications and telemedicine applications. Telemedicine makes care-at-a-distance a reality and extends the reach of quality healthcare to remote locations with remote expert consultation, remote medical education, and remote monitoring.

The equipment room project required an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Without a reliable UPS, medical communications would be interrupted in the case of a power outage, possibly putting patientsʼ lives in danger.


After multiple rounds of technical comparisons and tests, the hospital chose the highly reliable Huawei UPS5000-A Series to protect its equipment and applications. Features of the UPS5000-A (30 kVA to 120 kVA) include:

  • All-digital control technology provides high output even in harsh work environments
  • Supplies uninterruptable power to large- and medium-size data centers
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology provides pure and stable voltage of 380V/400V/415V AC
  • Comprehensive reliability assurance measures
  • Redundant design eliminates single points of failure
  • Supports intelligent network management by monitoring information in real time


The Huawei UPS5000-A provides high efficiency and power savings for the hospital. For example:

  • Up to 96 percent efficient
  • Energy costs 50 percent less compared to traditional tower UPS units

The UPS continues to run with zero faults, protecting vital hospital communications.

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