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Leading Digital Infrastructure for
New Value Together

Huawei works with partners to identify the most suitable technologies for specific industry applications, accelerating digital transformation.


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and Opportunities

The disruption wrought by the pandemic has radically reshaped the supply chain.

Faced with new uncertainties, enterprises must now seize the opportunities of digital transformation. Here, digital infrastructure — the cornerstone of any transformation — is the absolute priority, with the cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and ever more advanced networks all cast as key enablers of future development, a spur to wider economic growth. Indeed, digital infrastructure like this will generate trillions of dollars of economic value, which is why more than 170 countries have already released unique national digital strategies. The direction of travel couldn't be clearer.

  • 15.6

    Year-on-Year (YoY) growth for the global
    digital economy.

  • 42.6

    Increase of digital-ready enterprises,
    compared to two years ago.

  • 69.6

    Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of
    direct investment in digital transformation.

Joint Strategies
Drive New Growth

Digital strategies are now the fuel of growth, replacing more traditional modes. This new model for development is more efficient, more sustainable, and more eco-friendly than ever before. Individual countries must customize their own digital strategies based on their unique development paths, the progress they have already made, and specific national and industrial policies, in order to drive the digital economy forward.

  • Intelligent World 2030

    Huawei's Intelligent World 2030 report places focus on widespread social development, exploring new opportunities for organizations, homesteads, and individuals alike, highlighting seemingly infinite possibilities for the future.

  • Green Development 2030

    Using digital technology, Huawei and its partners work to promote the use of clean energy across industries. The company also helps enterprises refine management and business processes, contributing to carbon emissions reduction goals and wider green economic development.

  • Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development

    Digital transformation is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) prioritized by the United Nations (UN). Huawei's long terms digital inclusion initiative — TECH4ALL — works to ensure that no one will be left behind in the digital world.

Practice The New
Possibility for Integration

Huawei's 100 digital transformation stories introduce transformation practices in diverse industries. Focusing on specific industry applications, the company has a proven track record of working with global enterprises to unleash digital productivity, creating new value.

Cameroon National Social Security Bureau: Handling Family Allowance Files in Just 30 Minutes

Cameroon is building an open, shared, efficient, collaborative, and smart social security system through digital transformation.


Scattered data information management, frequent network and service interruptions, time-consuming network recovery, and a poor wireless office experience


Active-active DR, full-scale microwave coverage, and a cloud desktop environment.

Smart Tianjin Port, a Best Practice in Smart Port Operations

The Smart Port Solution uses the latest tech — intelligent twins, autonomous driving, 5G, cloud computing, and IoT — to create a better connected, smarter, and more autonomous system.


Workers had to climb 40 m to access cabs and operate container cranes.


Technologies such as 5G, AI, cloud computing, and IoT allow a single operator to remotely control up to six container cranes simultaneously, located up to 100 km away.

M.U.S.T.: Exploring New Depths in Education's Digital Transformation

For the biggest comprehensive university in Macau, digital transformation is driving the development of a truly intelligent campus.


Limited computing power, inefficient information sharing, no flexible resource scaling, and high network latency.


A lightweight, flexible, high-performance, ultra-reliable full-stack data center, combined with high-speed AirEngine Wi-Fi 6.

China Minsheng Bank: Handling Hundreds of Millions of Successful Transactions Every Day

Letting technology take the lead, this bank has rolled out next level, intelligent banking services for its customers.


Traditional O&M tools lacking intelligent detection, resulting in low efficiency and far too slow detection of network exceptions.


Intelligent O&M builds up the financial competitiveness of banks. AI capabilities in data centers ensure stable running and improve customer satisfaction.

City of Intelligence

The Path to Prosperity and Sustainable Development

Through digital transformation, enterprises and cities fulfill each other's promise, existing symbiotically, promoting the digital economy and contributing to the inexorable rise of our new home: the City of Intelligence.

Exploration New
Breakthroughs in Collaboration

Enterprise customers are faced with a dizzying array of technological challenges. For some, legacy digital infrastructure is unable to support flexible scaling, dragging down service innovation. For others, business needs are so complicated that a single product will not suffice. Yet, it takes too long and costs far too much to develop comprehensive technological solutions for each need. Huawei can help. It brings with it unique multi-technology integration, works with partners to plan product features for high-value applications, pre-integrates and pre-verifies advanced technologies, and tailors the most suitable Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions for enterprises.

Multi-Level DC
Foster efficient collaboration between HQ and branches.

Multi-level architecture that connects HQ with branches, featuring all-domain management and control plus cloud-network linkage, building up intelligent, intensive, and green data centers.

Centralized Security Management and Control

All-domain cloud-network-security integration blocks security threats near the source — in mere minutes.

Unified O&M and Control

Unified O&M minimizes the number of O&M staff required onsite in branches.

Lightweight Branch Intelligence

Reducing the number of required cabinets to just two, integrating nine functions into one system, and slashing the physical footprint of equipment by 50%.

Simplified Office Network
Build up campus office networks with simplified operations.

Integrating the advantages of IP and optical products, the solution redefines the campus office network of tomorrow.

Simplified Architecture

A direct optical fiber connection to the edge does away with the need for weak-current rooms, reducing deployment costs and cutting power consumption by 20%.

Simplified Access

Zero network disconnections, high-density uninterrupted coverage, and seamless roaming all boost the efficiency of collaboration by 30%.

Simplified O&M

Zero data migration, a unified platform, and PC-level lightweight deployment cut O&M costs by 50%.

Government Office Network
Roll out a service-oriented office network.

The solution contributes to stable and sustainable digital government, promoting the growth and efficiency of this developing sector.

Experience Guaranteed

Providing differentiated SLA commitments and an experience that's guaranteed, based on the full network service catalog.

Support Sustainable Business

Uninterrupted services-driven network upgrades encourage positive business feedback and growth.

Network Operability

A network cockpit for automatic, intelligent O&M maximizes the efficiency of operations.


Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

The digital age brings with it challenges — therein opportunity lies. The launch of Huawei's new enablement program will offer greater support to partners as they build up three core capabilities: digital transformation consultation and planning, solution development, and product and portfolio expertise.

  • US$30 million investment
  • 1000+ joint solutions
  • 70,000+ trainees yearly

Three Core Capabilities

Digital transformation consultation and planning
Solution development
Product and portfolio expertise