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With technology development, person and device locations become key information in both the physical and digital worlds. Value-added applications based on location information also play an important role in various sectors. For example, in the commercial sector, precise marketing is implemented based on consumer location information to improve the operational efficiency of shopping malls; in the industry sector, personnel locations can be tracked to achieve safer production and improve production efficiency. In large enterprises, asset location improves transfer efficiency. Huawei and industry-leading location service providers have jointly launch customized wireless location solutions for different sector scenarios, accelerating digital transformation.


EtoneSystem is committed to providing mobile Internet solutions that integrate wireless access control, wireless location, cloud computing, and big data mining technologies. Services include wireless access portals, big data mining and public security audits, indoor mapping and presentations, indoor location and navigation, advertisement and information pushing, customer flow analysis, customer profiling, and big data analytics.
In addition to providing high-quality Wi-Fi coverage for consumers in shopping malls, Huawei’s joint solution with EtoneSystem provides consumers with accurate location and navigation services. The solution provides rich Wi-Fi data and high-precision location information to help shopping malls better understand their consumers, implement precision marketing, improve operating efficiency, and achieve success.


Pointr is a global technology leader in real-time location for smart venues. It combines indoor location services with machine learning to boost digital transformation in sectors such as retail, transportation, hospitality, and industry. Built by a team of computer scientists and fueled by multiple patents, Pointr’s Deep Location platform provides location-based services such as mapping, navigation, asset tracking, location-based marketing and powerful location analytics. Customers include Harrods, Gatwick Airport, Virgin Trains, Bosch, and Dubai Airport. To date, Pointr is deployed in 18 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, and powers geolocation for 25 million people globally.
Huawei’s joint location solution with Pointr provides highly accurate location and navigation services. Based on rich Wi-Fi data and location-based analytics, Huawei helps customers understand consumer profiles, develop personalized marketing schemes, and improve overall operational efficiency.