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Integrating Separate, Scattered Service Windows

Service-oriented government agencies need to develop better, smarter service models and simplify administrative approval processes. Huawei and its partners offer a one-window Government Service Center Solution, integrating separate, scattered service windows into a single, comprehensive window that implements unified service handling, approval, and delivery.

The Solution uses cloud-based ICT infrastructure to implement overall system architecture, service process planning, and integrate new software functions. This technical foundation significantly improves approval efficiency, reinventing eGovernment.

One-Window Service Handling and Collaborative Approval

A single foreground window integrates service handling, preliminary review, distribution, and delivery. The system also provides a background approval window for reviewing applications and issuing certificates. The separation of service handling and approval enables the foreground window to handle all services and the background window to finish approvals — a simple way for citizens to request service approval.

Smart Multiple-Channel Services

This Solution optimizes traditional service channels to deliver a better service experience. An online service system integrates mobile applications and social media to provide ‘smart’ multiple-channel services. As a result, the online system enables citizens to handle simple services online, and complex services in person at government service centers. (Such service centers can also be transformed to integrate a variety of smart systems, including intelligent guidance, self-service, queuing, information release, and video surveillance.)

Optimized Real-Time Approval

A multiple-level approval system uses standard open data interfaces to extend government services to grassroots level consumers in counties, towns, and small communities. The system analyzes operational data to enable accurate service supervision and performance appraisal. It optimizes government services through real time monitoring of the timeliness, standardization, and completeness of service handling.

Government Data Resource Sharing

The one window Government Service Center Solution interconnects data sharing and exchange platforms at all levels to share service data. By multiplexing accumulated data, particularly electronic certificates, the solution enables citizens to request services in a single location, without having to travel.

Cloud Data Center and Virtual Resources

The approval system is deployed in a cloud data center to better coordinate IT resources and networks. This virtualized system architecture lays a solid foundation for cross-agency approval and data sharing, and simplifies cloud management. By virtualizing the data center infrastructure, a virtual resource pool is created — one that can be managed in a unified manner. In addition, legacy services and data deployed on government intranets can be migrated to an eGovernment extranet step by step, maximizing the potential of existing resources. This improves infrastructure utilization and reduces construction costs.

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