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ISP Extra (01/2015)


He Dabing

Building a New Cloud Ecosystem

Fueled by the momentum of our contributions to building a healthy, next-generation Internet, Huawei is committed to helping every single ISP customer to dramatically transform themselves to meet the challenges of a new Internet era.


ISP Extra Features 1

Trends in Cloud Data Center Deployments and Changes in the ICT Industry Chain

The emergence of cloud computing and OTT services is changing the landscape of the ICT industry chain, having profound impacts on integrators and traditional product vendors alike. The implications will be far reaching, with the most significant impacts being the migration of a considerable amount of customer service to public clouds, changes in purchase behavior among enterprises, and the shift in power of discourse on enterprise technology development.
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Three Key Challenges Facing ISPs and Their Enterprise Clients

GRC, enterprise services, and ever-evolving hybrid infrastructures are all dynamic and significant challenges to the ISP’s enterprise clients.
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SDN Solution to Tencent Data Center Interconnect

Tencent urgently needs to meet the bandwidth requirements posed by expanding services, improve the utilization of private lines, and reduce operational complexity. To achieve these goals, Tencent has phased in a SDN solution for its DCI network.


ISP Extra Focus 1

Huawei DC2 Elastic and Agile Network Solution

Huawei assists global ISPs to build cloud data centers that are easy to deploy and maintain.
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Huawei X6800 Servers Reshape IT Infrastructure

Customers have come to rely on Huawei for improvements in time-to-deployment, total cost of ownership, uptime reliability, energy efficiency, and scalability.
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On-Demand Intelligent Data Center Solution

Huawei has launched the Intelligent Data Center Solution to meet the efficiency and reliability challenges faced by today’s data centers.


ISP Extra Success 1

Qwant’s Lifeline is a Secure and Efficient Cloud Platform

Qwant and Huawei share the same goal of supporting trust and transparency on the Internet. Qwant has chosen to engage with Huawei in a long-term partnership.
ISP Extra Success 2

Huawei Anti-DDoS Protects Alibaba’s Largest Shopping Day

On November 11, 2013, the value of Alibaba transactions exceeded USD 5.8 billion (CNY 35 Billion).
ISP Extra Success 3

Swiss Abraxas: Blueprint for Cloud Computing

Abraxas has received an overwhelming technical advantage from Huawei with the delivery of CloudEngine 12800 Series data center core switches.
ISP Extra Success 4

Huawei IDS Accelerates Tencent Rollout

To meet the growing demand for Tencent’s online data services at an accelerated schedule for a reasonable price, Huawei installed the Intelligent Datacenter Solution (IDS).
ISP Extra Success 5

24/7 DDoS Scrubbing for Dutch ISPs

The Netherlands National Management Organization of Internet Providers is a non-profit industry association providing services to more than 100 member ISPs.
ISP Extra Success 6

LeaseWeb Builds Cost-Effective Hosting Service

Among the primary concerns of leading hosting providers are power consumption, server uptime, and supplier response time in support of their large data centers.