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OceanStor Dorado: The Ideal Choice

By Zhang Qinjun, Senior Marketing Manager, Huawei Storage Product Line

With 1.75 million individual and 18,850 corporate clients, CSS Insurance (CSS) has a growing customer base supported by two data centers in Lucerne, Switzerland. In the second half of 2012, employees, brokers, and customers started to complain about the slow system access speeds, so CSS began searching for a scalable, low-cost Solid-State Drive (SSD) storage system.

In 2009, CSS deployed an all-SSD storage system to provide high-speed storage services for its core business systems. The system played a significant role in relieving access pressure and improving customer satisfaction but, after years of continuous business growth, it faced performance and capacity bottlenecks.

Performance and Capacity Bottlenecks

The existing SSD storage system had a maximum performance limit of 150,000 IOPS. CSS estimated they needed a system with a 300,000 Input-Output Operations per Second (IOPS) storage solution to meet business needs over the coming three to five years. The old system was simply not capable to meet their needs.

In addition to the shortfall in speed, CSS also needed substantially more storage capacity. The existing system was designed with a maximum capacity of 5 TB, but after several expansions the capacity had reached its limit and CSS could no longer expand by cascading additional enclosures.

CSS Chooses Huawei

CSS teamed with integrator Infoniqa, which recommended two SSD device vendors that could not meet all requirements in a long-term stress and functional test. The devices from one vendor did not pass the stress test and the access delay increased significantly when the IOPS exceeded 300,000. The devices from the second vendor passed the stress test, but did not scale enough to meet CSS’s needs. Using the second vendor’s products would require CSS to purchase additional devices at a higher additional upfront investment.

In December 2012, Huawei released its second-generation SSD product, the OceanStor Dorado2100 G2. Immediately catching the attention of Infoniqa and CSS, Infoniqa recommended Huawei’s Dorado2100 G2 based on the 600,000 performance specification, 1 ms average latency, and support for storage capacities up to 40 TB.

Following two months of functionality and stress tests, including confirmation of capacity scaling and reliability results, the Infoniqa-CSS team chose the Dorado2100 G2 to cover the coming three to five years of business growth.

OceanStor Dorado2100 G2 Deployed

CSS deployed three sets of Dorado2100 G2s — with an initial capacity of 10 TB each — to update its SSD storage system. They deployed one at each data center to support production services and an additional Dorado2100 G2 to implement function tests for new services.

The linear increase in IOPS provided by the Huawei Dorado2100 G2 is now helping CSS Insurance respond quickly and effectively to a growing number of services. Thanks to this and other performance improvements, CSS has eliminated access delays, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

For CSS, the Dorado2100 G2 is proving the benefit of large storage capacity and fast response times at a lower cost and with a higher long-term ROI. CSS Insurance made the ideal choice.

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