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OceanStor Storage Helps China Construction Bank

By Zhang Jinshuang, Marketing Manager, Mass Storage Marketing Dept., Huawei IT Product Line

China Construction Bank (CCB) offers a good example of how innovative storage technologies can optimize an Accounting Documents Management System (ADMS) into a scalable platform to leverage the business value of Big Data.

Processing Petabytes

Ranked as the world’s second largest company in Forbes’ Global 2000: The Biggest Companies of 2014, CCB operates a large network of branches at home and abroad that relied on an ADMS system using Web Services technology for retrieving, archiving, and modifying content. Globally, this system managed 1,850 TB of online data and 1,700 TB of near-line data while processing as many as 20 million transactions daily. Until recently, all digital transactions were archived on CD-ROM towers.

The addition of new services by CCB has resulted in explosive data growth that now reaches the petabyte level. The CD-ROM storage was a bottleneck to business expansion because it was slow in writing and retrieving data. Additionally, the volume of data was threatening to outgrow the maximum capacity of the CD-ROM platform.

To support further service expansions, CCB chose to update the ADMS system using the Huawei OceanStor 9000 platform. Deployed at HQ and Level-1 branches, the OceanStor solution has enhanced data centralization, query efficiency, and retrieval. Data queries that took minutes are now completed almost instantly.

Designed for Big Data

Employing a symmetric distributed architecture, the OceanStor 9000 integrates storage, management, and analytics on a single platform. Delivering industryleading performance, robust scale-out capabilities, and a 40 PB single file system, the OceanStor 9000 suits a range of applications, from television and gene sequencing to energy exploration and education.

Features of the OceanStor 9000 include:

• A symmetric architecture that evenly distributes metadata and file data between nodes. The system supports multi-node concurrent access and a maximum global cache of 55 TB for eliminating bottlenecks.

• Linear capacity and performance that easily scales from three to 288 centrally managed nodes.

Enterprises dependent upon Big Data for growth need next-generation storage infrastructures that are faster, more scalable, have higher capacities, and include enhanced analytics. The OceanStor 9000 platform helps customers build a more efficient Big Data solution that satisfies the demand for higher-capacities and higher performance.

Voice of the Customer

“CCB is impressed by the OceanStor 9000, its compelling features include an advanced distributed architecture, industryleading reliability, multinode concurrent access, and minimal latency.”

– Mr. Zhang,Storage Architect, China Construction Bank

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