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Huawei DC² Solution for Phoenix TV

By An Jianwei, China Internet Weekly

Combined, advanced technologies and the Internet are paving the way to a global mobile society that forces critical demands on broadcasting. Today’s broadcasters are faced with not only providing accessible content via smartphones, laptops, and TVs but must also address an increasing number of viewers who possess diverse interests. Hence, the growing trend towards omnimedia — a new form of broadcasting that encompasses all forms news, information, and entertainment.

The way people view content is dramatically changing due to social networking, mobile devices, multiple-screen viewing, and Ultra-High Definition (UHD) television. As a result, media is evolving into a new entity, omnimedia, and broadcasters have to shift from a content-centric approach to a user-centric approach.

Phoenix TV is a Hong Kong-based television broadcaster that provides programs worldwide. To keep pace with their increased number of viewers and viewing options, Phoenix TV was driven to design a reliable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure to support these requirements. To solve the issue, Huawei provided Phoenix TV with a variety of ICT solutions and products, which included the Distributed Cloud Data Center (DC²), converged storage, and global technical support. “We searched for a long-term partner and discovered that Huawei was suitable for helping us build and maintain a reliable ICT infrastructure,” said Wang Hongbo, Deputy Manager of Information and Network Management for Phoenix TV.

Omnimedia Transformation

In June 2014, Phoenix TV deployed the DC² solution to serve its two main data centers (Beijing and Hong Kong) and seven regional data centers (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Los Angeles, Washington, Paris, and London), thus enabling local news to be shared among all Phoenix TV offices.

Other advantages included enabling personnel to collaborate through interconnected corporate resources (shared-applications) that significantly improved employee productivity, delivery and services, and effective worldwide management enabled by the provisioning of cloud computing and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) resources.

“We believe that Huawei’s DC² solution will help us deploy a highly secure and reliable IT platform, accelerating our transition towards omnimedia,” said Mr. Wang.

Deploying Additional Solutions

Huawei also upgraded Phoenix TV’s Media and Entertainment (M&E) asset management library, and deployed other solutions to support their HD production and broadcast activities, including IP-based transmission across their entire network. Huawei installed the FusionSphere cloud operating system, OceanStor series storage systems, and Integrated Data Center Solution 2000 (IDS2000), which saved more than 20 percent on construction costs and increased server resource utilization by as much as 60 percent. To replace their traditional tape library, Huawei deployed the world’s first OceanStor Universal Distributed Storage (UDS) solution, which increased the size of the physical archive by five times and the efficiency of data retrieval and migration by a factor of fifteen.

“For business users, a new technology is most cost-efficient when it is initially introduced,” said Mr. Wang. “We like to use new technologies because they can be beneficial to us in various ways, such as enhancing efficiency. Before deploying a new technology, we spend significant time evaluating potential risks and developing solutions to respond to those risks. As a result, we feel confident in using Huawei technology because of the quality of our collective planning for unexpected outcomes.”

The joint Huawei-Phoenix TV solution is advantageous for both parties. Huawei can reproduce this solution, helping other broadcasters’ transition to omnimedia while Phoenix TV enjoys the business rewards.

Analyst Comment

In this digital and media convergence era, media companies must transform their business models and adopt an omnimedia approach. Content needs to be distributed via multiple traditional and new media channels for viewers to access anywhere, at any time. The transformation towards omnimedia has boosted ICT development for the media industry, particularly with technology such as cloud computing, Big Data, and the mobile Internet. Huawei will help more media customers to achieve omnimedia transformation through the innovative ICT solutions that were successfully applied to Phoenix TV.

– Venecia Liu, Gartner Media Industry Analyst

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