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Huawei and SAP Technology Partnership

By Wang Rong, Brand Manager, Huawei IT Product Line

Huawei and SAP have formed a long-term global technology partnership to improve the SAP HANA platform for enterprise customers. The improved platform is currently in use by thousands of customers worldwide, such as Shanghai Volkswagen and Lenovo. The partnership is organized to collaborate on a wide range of products and solutions, such as SAP HANA appliances, contact centers, Smart Cities, and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions.

The Huawei/SAP HANA Appliance

Huawei’s SAP-certified “HANA appliances” eliminate the need to build an underlying architecture for each application. The results are real-time solutions for applications that are each much simpler than less advanced systems. The Huawei-SAP HANA appliance represents a unique innovation built to drive business transformations and offer new ecosystems across the IT industry.

The appliances come in single- and multi-node versions that support 128 GB to 100 TB memory configurations, with up to 100 nodes. A key benefit is the ultimate speed of flash-resident databases for end-users with high-speed computation and transaction requirements.

The Huawei/SAP HANA appliance is an open platform that enables Big Data mining, analytics, and decision support, plus new opportunities for developing businesses. The system also provides excellent performance in synchronous write, latency, read and write bandwidth, and scalability.

Based on Huawei’s FusionCube converged infrastructure solution, the Huawei/SAP appliance is easy to manage and has a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Wang Feng, General Manager of Huawei FusionCube Products, said, “The traditional solution requires three system administrators to maintain server, storage, and network modules separately, whereas the Huawei/SAP HANA Multi-Node Solution provides unified management and monitoring, automatic resource discovery and configuration, one-time authentication, and a single management portal.”

Customers include Italian retailer Unicomm, Finland’s Bilot Consulting Company, and Spain’s Xanit International Hospital.

The Huawei/SAP Alliance Expands

Huawei expects to continue collaborating with SAP in the cloud data center, mobility, Smart City, Big Data, and M2M fields. Currently, the partners are jointly building Smart City and BYOD solutions.

As an example, the Huawei Smart City solution complements the SAP Urban Matters solution. The two solutions help drive efficient public management, environmental, and sustainable socioeconomic development. Huawei and SAP are planning an R&D project based on a joint Smart City solution to support municipal governments in China, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and other emerging markets. Huawei will offer ICT infrastructure, including telecommunication, networking, cloud computing, call centers, SAP/HANA hardware, and mini data centers. SAP will provide software solutions and memory technology.

On the BYOD front, Huawei and SAP are developing a “Mobility-in-a-Box” solution that integrates SAP’s industrial applications into Huawei’s intelligent devices for professional office environments. SAP is using Huawei’s AnyOffice platform to build a mobile enterprise application platform that will extend AnyOffice’s services to clothing, consumer products, and energy enterprises.

As Huawei’s Strategy Marketing President, Xu Wenwei said, “SAP is the world’s fastest growing enterprise application and database supplier. Huawei is very pleased to have built such a strong alliance with SAP, as both parties can take advantage of each other’s strengths to further enhance the alliance.”

“ICT infrastructure is the focus of enterprise developers, and the ICT industry will face new development opportunities. Following our ‘pipe’ strategy and ‘to be integrated’ principles, Huawei is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, easily integrated solutions through open cooperation. Our goal is to become the highest-performing innovation partner in the enterprise ICT industry.”

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