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ICT Insights Issue 10 (09/2014)

Main Topic

He Dabing

The Innovation Gene for Smart Cities

Across the globe, cities large and small struggling with issues from public security to traffic congestion are looking for new models, concepts, and technologies. Smart Cities are the answer.

Cover Story

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World's First 4G-Enabled, Heavy Railway Network– An interview with Cao Yanping, Deputy General Manager for China's Shuo Huang Railway

SHR, a significant part of China's second largest west-to-east coal shipment route, has invested USD129.48 million into an ICT upgrade. SHR choose Huawei's 4G-eLTE solution as the framework to enhance production security and operating efficiency.
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Information Systems are the Brains behind Smart Cities– An Interview with Mei Congyin, General Manager of the Strategy Consulting Division at Neusoft

Smart Cities require Big Data-capable information systems that can efficiently respond to dynamic events and emergency situations.
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LTE TDD: A Better Choice for Metro Wireless

With high data rates and excellent mobility, LTE TDD provides realtime voice and data services for high-speed urban railways.

Feature Story

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Build a Smart City

To meet the challenges brought by urbanization, more than 2,500 cities around the globe already have "smart" projects in progress – each collating vast amounts of data on municipal functions. Smart Cities of the future will entail vast information infrastructures.
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Information Highway: The Foundation for Building Smart Cities

Smart City initiatives are expected to help government agencies become more open and operate more efficiently. The initiatives can also invigorate businesses, promote the use of green technologies, and help create safe and comfortable lives for citizens.
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eLTE, Making Cities Smarter

Huawei eLTE broadband wireless provides flexible support for processing and sharing information vital to Smart City rollouts by taking advantage of 4G Long-Term Evolution technology.
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Agile Networks Propel Smart City Mobile Networks

Smart Cities take advantage of agile network infrastructures to quickly adapt to changing requirements.
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Public Sector Information Improves the Sharing Economy

An interoperable Public Sector Information platform is a core resource for every Smart City project. It is designed to share information resources and enable service collaboration between heterogeneous systems across multiple sectors and departments within a city.
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Understanding Top-Level Design for Smart Cities

A Smart City requires a holistic design and top-level coordination to provide guidelines for the use of real-time sensors and the efficient sharing of information.
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People-Oriented Smart Cities—Sharing Progress at the EU-China Green Smart City Cooperation Exchange Forum

The Smart City agenda must consider the needs of all stakeholders by giving equal consideration to environmental protection and urban transformation.
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Smart City – Working Toward Maturity

Smart City initiatives are moving forward with no stop sign in sight, and striving to improve resource utilization and refine capabilities for serving citizens and enterprises.

Industry Focus

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Huawei eLTE: Propelling Industries into the 4G Era

Huawei eLTE solutions support industries driven to build the infrastructure required to implement "Smart City" services.
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LTE: The Future Global Standard for Critical Communications

To be affordable, critical communications must be part of the future for all mobile users. It must be part of LTE. For both emergencies and everyday secure-communications needs, critical communications currently rely mainly on specialized technologies, but that must change.

Success Story

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Nanjing: Building a Model Smart City

Nanjing is well underway to becoming an unparalleled, world-class Smart City through the use of centralized data management, system integration, and cross-functional collaborative applications.
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Busap: Next-Level Urban Bus Connectivity

Smart City projects with value-added services appeal to both city leaders and residents. A good example of such a service is Busap, a Chinese company that offers TV to commuters on buses.
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The Smart Beijing Information Platform

The Xiangyun "auspicious cloud" Plan is the most challenging part of the Smart Beijing eGovernment project designed to coordinate information infrastructures.
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Huawei eLTE Supports Zhengzhou Metro Line 1

Huawei's eLTE urban rail solution provides highperformance, high-reliability communication services for passengers, and enhances operational efficiency on high-speed metro trains in China.
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Ożarowice: First LTE Deployment for Public Administration

By building its own wireless broadband network independently of telecom providers, a rural area in Poland has transformed itself into a highly connected digital borough. This local-government use of LTE technology – usually reserved for mobile phone connectivity – marks the first project of this kind in the world and a striking success by determined citizens to bring high-bandwidth data access to their area.