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ICT Insights Issue 9 (03/2014)

Main Topic

Liu Shaowei

Agile Networks Providing Unmatched Intelligent Defense

Our new information era is characterized by the exciting transition from single-node to cloud computing, from fixed-line to mobile Internet, from discrete to Big Data, and from the physical to the virtual world. Worldwide, we enjoy 24/7 mobile access regardless of enterprise network boundaries. Cloud computing technologies enable on-demand service provisioning at lightning speed, and social network technology has turned precision marketing into reality.

Cover Story

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High Performers in IT: Defined by Digital– Insights from Accenture's fourth High Performance IT Research

A key reason high performers develop agile systems is to open more degrees of freedom for their organizations.

Feature Story

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UC Berkeley: SDN at the Crossroads

The move to software-based switching will not be trivial or fast. It will require new thinking and new ways to structure your software. This transition is changing the nature of the networking industry. It is faster innovation, more competition and better customer experience.
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Network Agility for Ultimate Security

Agile networks enable customers to ensure service accessibility along with superb service quality in the ICT era.
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Big Data Security Analytics, An Enterprise Primer

Enterprise organizations have been moving toward Big Data security analytics for a number of years. Because their security data is growing so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using existing security analytics tools. Security analytics is now seen as a Big Data problem.

Industry Focus

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Attack Defense: A Prolonged Confrontation

Information security assurance is a dynamic process full of prolonged offensive and defensive confrontations.Faced with intense complexity from new types of attacks,we need to innovate security technologies in response.
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SDN-Based Cloud Data Center Security

SDN addresses the needs of cloud data center security, while simplifying security policy configuration management and reducing O&M expense.
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DDoS Defense and Big Data

Huawei is the first anti-DDoS solutions provider to apply Big Data technology to DDoS detection and prevention.
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APT Defense in the BYOD Era

As APT attacks become more complex and pervasive, solutions must scale to the threat and integrate both sandbox and Big Data detection technologies.
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NGFW: Enterprise Network Guardian

Huawei delivers a secure, friendly, and reliable threat prevention system for new ICT environments.
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Huawei Agile Switches: A Must-Have for Your Agile Networks

The Huawei S12700/S9700/S7700 Agile Switches integrate NGFW cards, providing ease of deployment and high efficiency in protecting agile campus networks against attacks.

Success Story

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Minsheng Bank Delivers Best-of-Class Mobile Financial Services

Huawei AnyOffice Mobile Security Solution protects the financial service platform of China Minsheng Bank Corporation.
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Alibaba Creates Viable, Secure Internet Cloud Platform

Alibaba, a world-leading e-commerce company, experiences over 100 malicious intrusions and cyber attacks per day. Huawei's anti-DDoS provides a solid defense for Alibaba to ensure smooth and stable online transactions.