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ICT Insights Issue 8 (02/2014)

Main Topic

Zhao Yong

One World, One Team

The ultimate goal of our UC&C products is "One World, One Team." By accumulating technical know-how in the IT, CT, and audio/video fields over the past two decades, Huawei has developed a baseline for simplicity, superior experience, and efficient collaboration. We have simplified ease-of-use and have enabled remote collaboration while ensuring system stability and reliability.

Cover Story

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CSI: A New Era for Social Security Informatization in China

ChinaSoft International (CSI) and Huawei have begun a close cooperation in the social security industry that is now widely applied across global markets.
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Zhuhai Electric Power: World's First TD-LTE Private Network Makes Power Distribution Smarter

Zhuhai Electric Power is successfully leveraging Huawei's innovative TD-LTE 4G technologies in a variety of fields to satisfy the requirements for distribution and metering automation.

Feature Story

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IDC White Paper: The Unified Communications and Collaboration Market Moving Forward

IDC sees a growing, global UC&C market driven by an increased interest in collaborating across Web, video, social, contact center, and CEBP applications.
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BBC: Make the World Your Office

In the next few years, a technological leap in video communication is about to change the way we interact, work and live our lives.
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Unified Communications and the API Economy

opening of consumer platforms allow developers to extend their original functionality, so that they can quickly build custom applications for operators and end-users.

Industry Focus

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All-Media Integration for Next-Generation Contact Centers

A key component of next-generation contact centers is the integration of multiple media channels to increase the efficiency of marketing services for enhanced customer satisfaction.
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Video Conferencing Reaches New Level of Accessibility

Modern video conferencing solutions are meeting the challenge to better serve customer needs.
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Convergent Conferencing for Enterprise Communication and Collaboration

Huawei is proactively integrating its highly competitive HD Video Conferencing and UC products to form a first-of-its-kind convergent conference solution.
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Maximum UC Value through Open Systems Integration

UC systems conquer the challenge of integrating devices from multiple vendors to realize comprehensive solutions, protect investments, and improve operating efficiencies.

Success Story

hw 331394

IMS-Based UC Platform for Saudi Aramco: Powering the Engine to Shape Tomorrow

Saudi Aramco focused on achieving its vision of "Shaping Tomorrow" by deploying a Unified Communications (UC) platform to optimize internal management and operations. Huawei helped Saudi Aramco build an IMS-based UC platform solution, which provides a full range of UC and multimedia services.
hw 331396

Telepresence for the Bank of China

Huawei assisted the Bank of China to deploy a remote telepresence system for communication between headquarters and over 600 worldwide branch offices.
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Wing Lung Bank Built a Highly Reliable Call Center

Wing Lung Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Bank, selected Huawei to build a new call center. Huawei integrated their existing call centers to improve reliability and disaster recovery capabilities while ensuring global service continuity. Wing Lung Bank is now better positioned to accelerate its business growth and meet the strategic goals of CMB's one-, three-, and five-year plans.
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Bank of Lanzhou Offers VTM Remote Banking Service

In 2013, through its collaboration with Huawei, the Bank of Lanzhou began to leverage Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs) to provide remote banking services, a move that has created strong momentum for the Bank's growth.