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ICT Insights Issue 3 (10/2012)

Main Topic

Zheng Yelai

Insights into IT Industry Changes

The Information Technology (IT) industry has experienced remarkable changes. To adapt to the rapidly changing IT industry and guide our direction ahead, we need to understand the fundamental reasons behind these changes.

Feature Story

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Just in Time for the Cloud

Next-generation ICT service providers will need to step up to the challenges of the "cloud-pipe-device" transformation. Cloud will be network based, computing and storage centered, security conscious, and application oriented.
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Cloud vs. Office IT: Infrastructure for SMBs

For many SMBs, a viable alternative to the traditional buy-manage-and-maintain in-house IT service model is now available. The most logical solution for many SMBs is to migrate entirely to cloud-based solutions. >>
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Ecosystem Research Collaboration: Open for Innovation

| By Deborah Stokes, Director, Strategy, Business Development and External Research, eGCC, Enterprise Business Group
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How to Transform Big Data into Knowledge

In order to discover all the potential values of big data, it is important to find ways for sharing and collaborating with others, including the users who generated the data, since it is very unlikely that all the potential applications of Big Data are going to be figured out behind closed doors.>

Industry Focus

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Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile

With the continued convergence of IT and CT, enterprises are constantly changing their requirements for ICT systems. As a result, the concept of "Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile" has become a common theme for enterprises in the Information Age.
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Innovative Architectures For Cloud Data Centers

Cloud computing has ushered in a new era for data centers. Huawei offers efficient, flexible, and innovative cloud data centers and delivers extensive project management capabilities and services across the globe. >>
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Convergence and Integration for Simplification

Huawei's OceanStor T unified storage systems and N800 clustered NAS solutions help enterprise customers store massive amounts of data securely while simplifying management and operation. >>
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Fueling Business Agility in the Big Data Era

Huawei has launched its SmartVision Big Data Solution to meet enterprise needs for fine-grained operations by renovating the traditional data infrastructure. >>

Success Story

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The Huawei Cloud Computing Platform:A Self-made Parachute

After more than a year of hard work, Huawei's self-developed cloud computing platform finally fulfills the stringent requirements of its IT department and the company becomes, effectively, its own chief IT cloud infrastructure supplier. Rigorously tested by its own IT team — which must support one of the largest multinational companies in the world — using the platform internally has laid a solid foundation for deploying the cloud computing platform in many more industries.>>
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A Wealth of Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Understanding the world's oceanic ecosystem — and perhaps even helping to save them — is an ICT-intensive endeavor. Shanghai Ocean University recently constructed a storage architecture, supported by Huawei's OceanStor N8000, that is poised to quickly address the University's future challenges. This clustered Network-Attached Storage (NAS) system is supplemented with data protection software and constitutes a complete data storage and protection solution. The university also expects to realize savings of more than US $700,000 just by using the system's Dynamic Storage Tiering feature alone.>>
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Building First-Class Schools in Remote Rural Areas-- Huawei Education Cloud Helps Fill the Urban-Rural Educational Divide in Guangzhou

With more than 1.5 million students and 1,600 schools spread out across a wide geographic area, it was a challenge to give rural students the same high-quality experience that Guangzhou's city-dwelling kids get. But Huawei's education cloud solution enabled all of the schools in Guangzhou to share educational resources, significantly reducing the costs of making terminals widely available and increasing the utilization of educational hardware resources. This solution provided a brand new platform to promote the balanced development of education in both urban and rural areas in Guangzhou.>>