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ICT Insights Issue 20 (12/2016)


20 forward

Five Years of ICT Insights

The editorial board of ICT Insights will persistently endeavor to build the publication into a platform that connects Huawei EBG’s ecosystem and the entire ICT industry, facilitating business exchanges and strategic collaboration between all ICT players.


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Technology News

Shannon Launches World’s First 12.8 TB PCIe SSD
Enhanced Linguamatics NLP Text Mining Platform Offers New Power to Extract Actionable Insights from Big Data
Huawei Launches New-Generation HPC Platform FusionServer X6000 at SC16



Cloud Computing: Ten Years and Beyond

This review is based on Professor Mei Hong's keynote speech at the 2016 China Cloud Computing Conference in Beijing in which he examined cloud computing technologies to date and invites us to take a look into the future.

Leading TV News Channel Works in a Cloud

France’s TF1 television channel gains cost-effective performance by editing video content in a modern ICT infrastructure.

Managing the IoT: Edge Computing and SDN

Edge computing combined with Software-Defined Networking will simplify challenges that range from real-time performance issues to managing huge numbers of devices.

Optimal 4K Video Delivery

One-hop transport of video services using Optical Transport Networks reduces per-bit transmission costs, packet loss, and delay.

Special Report

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Digital Transformation Enables Industry Insights

Throughout the past year, the intersection of the global digital economy with disruptive ICT solutions has become a vital starting point for enterprise transformation.
Special Report2

The Primacy of People in a Digital Age

When fast-developing technologies accelerate the pace of social and business transformation, the significance of staff tends to be ignored.
Special Report3

ICT Builds Safe Cities

Today’s Safe City solutions need the cooperative efforts of partners in an open ecosystem to provide comprehensive, well-integrated functionality.
Special Report4

Architecture Designed for Operator Transformation

Operators must innovate with partners to break industry stagnation and support future business development.
Special Report5 1

Cloud Computing for Railway Automation

Huawei has helped create an automated control system for urban rail traffic.
Special Report6 1

Urban Rail Solution Speeds Up Industry Changes

Using a combination of Long-Term Evolution technologies and Network Element series industrial routers, Huawei has designed a next-generation urban rail Distributed Control System solution that incorporates current trends and future requirements.
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Huawei Enterprise Business Group 2016 Highlights

For 2017 and beyond, Huawei EBG will continue to provide innovative, state-of-the-industry solutions that lead the ICT industry in the area of scalable hardware and software infrastructures that use open, flexible, and secure platforms. Huawei’s goals are to nurture win-win ecosystems and partner with customers to solve their digital transformation challenges while achieving the highest business success.



New ICT Disrupts Vertical Markets

ICT has become the crucial enabler of transformation for business, government, and academia. New ICT contributes to an overarching enterprise-transformation effort.



Design is Becoming a New Team Sport

A fresh perspective highlights how collaborative relationships between humans and machines positively advance the design process beyond robotics and Machine Learning.

Core Competency

Core Competency

Data Science Predicts a Bright Future

Big Data insights provide a key analytical step to recognizing customer trends and transforming businesses.

Hands-On Technology

Hands On Technology

Big Data for Smart Cities

As a key driver for industry development and the transformation of cities, urban Big Data systems help businesses improve their information processing capabilities.

Analyst Corner

Analyst Corner

Bimodal IT Approach to Digital Transformation

CIOs who fixate on traditional Information Technology methods run the risk of other departments establishing their own digital teams.

Last Word

Last Word

Banking at the Speed of Light

About a year ago, our CEO outlined a strategic plan for the next three years, and two of these priorities were relevant to my role in IT. One priority was to restructure the cost space of the bank by fundamentally digitizing everything in the organization.