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ICT Insights Issue 18 (08/2016)


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Experience the Surprise of Every Digital Moment

Huawei has developed an Agile Network Solution to help global customers construct efficient, service-oriented networks that deliver high-quality user experiences. Our vision is to help enterprises create digital moments that bring surprise and enjoyment with every connection.


15 Technology News

Technology News

Cadence Announces DDR4 and LPDDR4 IP Achieve 3,200 Mbit/s on TSMC 16 nm FinFET Plus Process.


Features 1

SDN Drives Enterprise Transformation

CIOs are discovering that enterprises must integrate ICT into all their services.
Features 2

Simplifying O&M in the Cloud Era

SDN architectures enable networks to keep pace with the rapid development of services through modernized O&M systems.
15 Technology News

Education Campus Network Roundup

Traditional university networks commonly experience difficulties meeting contemporary network demands of online courseware, social media platforms, or high-density coverage issues.
Features 4

Managing Congestion on Busy University Networks

Mobile access is a critical, but limited resource on modern college campuses.
Features 5

Addis Ababa University Builds a Modern Network

The Ethiopian university looks to lead in the development of IT-based education throughout Africa.
Features 6

Agile Campus Comes to Lincoln University

New Zealand’s Lincoln University has adopted Huawei’s agile campus network to accommodate teaching, research, and management services.
Features 7

Mobile Broadband Drives ICT Transformation

Open and collaborative ecosystems are critical for effective innovation and continuous success.
Features 8

Managed ICT Transformations are a New Approach to Outsourcing

Telecom operators rely on Huawei’s support for service innovation, process optimization, and reduction of operating costs.
Features 9

The Enterprise Network of the Future

Future-oriented enterprise networks must meet four requirements to ensure success.


New ICT 1

‘Things’ are Revolutionizing Retail

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving new opportunities in the retail industry by bringing every consumer, object, and activity into the digital realm.
New ICT 2 1

AI-enabled Mobile Networks

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will abstract data to make next-generation communication breakthroughs come to life.


Focus 1

Etisalat — 2020 Landscape

Huawei and Etisalat collaborated on a summary roadmap to implement an SDN and NFV-based virtualized network transformation for speeding time to market.
Focus 2

The Future of IT is Hybrid

Private and public clouds, combined with existing IT, will create dynamic IT solutions.
Focus 3

SDN Enters Campus Life

New network architectures are facilitating the convergence of data centers and campus networks.


Ecosystem 1

ICSA Labs — 25 Years of Product Assurance

ICSA provides third-party, ISO/IEC-backed certification for Huawei’s enterprise security solutions.
Ecosystem 2

IoT Sparks a Lighting Revolution

Lighting controllers work with IoT gateways to connect tens of thousands of street lamps to form the ‘Internet of Lights.’


Success 1 1

Combining SDS with All-Flash Arrays

Software-Defined Storage creates a policy-driven virtual control layer for managing heterogeneous storage devices.
Success 2

China Unicom and Huawei Collaborate on SDN-ONOS

ONOS architecture and SDN-based IP RAN set the stage for network services on demand.

Core Competency

Core Competency

Open Source Federated Clouds on the Horizon

Federated clouds create an opportunity for telecom carriers to build global Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions for competitive advantage.

Analyst Corner

Analyst Corner

Summary of the Total Economic Impact™ of Huawei's Cloud Fabric

A high-level brief of Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study as commissioned by Huawei.

Last Word

Last Word

Leading New ICT — Enabling a New Industrial Revolution

Two years ago, Yan Lida returned to headquarters to lead the operations of the Huawei Enterprise Business Group. In this ‘Last Word’ commentary, he reflects on his experience and offers a look into the future.