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ICT Insights Issue 16 (12/2015)


16 forward

Driving Industrial Transformation

Joining land, labor, and capital, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is now the fourth production factor, with ICT infrastructure shifting from a supporting element to a key part of the production system. ICT is predicted to become the impetus for industrial transformations as well.


16 News

Technology News

SAN FRANCISCO, California, U.S.A., and EDINBURGH, Scotland, Nov. 12, 2015 — Big Data game analytics and marketing company deltaDNA today unveiled powerful new technology designed to empower data scientists and marketers to better understand the patterns emerging from their game.


16 Features 1

Expect the Cloud to Disrupt Your IT Platform

Mobile, Internet of Things, Big Data, and cloud computing are reshaping businesses to become IT-as-a-Service platforms.

Cloud Transformation Drives Digital Economy

Service-driven distributed cloud data centers will be essential for companies that wish to grow their business for decades to come.
16 Features 3

OpenStack Powers Data Center Transformation

Data centers need the scalability, agility, and cost effectiveness of OpenStack.
16 Features 4

NFV Connects the World

The world could soon see 460 LTE networks serving 100 million VoLTE subscribers, with more than half using NFV.
16 Features 5

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Virtualization and resource pooling provide the foundation for optimal requirements matching between software applications and data center resources.
16 Features 6

Campus Networks: 2016 and Beyond

A completely new digital business economy will emerge with networking infrastructure at its core.


16 Focus

The Promising Future of Online College Courses

Now is the time to start incubating enterprises that specialize in online education.


16 Ecosystem 1

Huawei Innovates Cloud Computing Solutions with 500 Global Partners

The Huawei ‘cloud computing certification’ program provides career support for engineering students and professionals.
16 Ecosystem 2

Connected Cars Drive New Opportunities

The European auto market is gearing up for an onboard communications system that promises greater control, improved safety, and an expansion of services.
16 Ecosystem 3

Traditional Media Outlets Gain Advantages Using ICT

4K video and competitive pressures point toward increasing reliance on ICT.


16 Succes 1

Huawei Wins Fifth Turkmenistan Contract

Turkmenistan turns to Huawei’s GSM-R for the Bereket-Gudrolum line.
16 Succes 2

eLTE Showcased at Inaugural Developer Conference

The open eLTE framework enables easy integration with partner solutions.

Core Competency

16 Core Competency

Challenges for 5th Generation Baseband Processing

5G baseband SoC needs a paradigm shift in air interface flexibility, deployment scalability, and service orientation.

Hands-On Technology

16 Hands On Technology

Cloudcasting for Multi-Tenant Data Centers

A new architecture for highly scalable, multi-tenant data centers.

Analyst Corner

16 Analyst Corner

Transformation of Banks in the Digital Era

Banks must install and operate agile, innovative, and secure IT and communications platforms.

Last Word

16 Last Word

Cloud: A Future Invented by You

Noted futurist Kevin Kelly discusses the future of the cloud, the drivers of the cloud, how it is disrupting business models, why artificial intelligence will be everywhere… and why you are not too late to the party.