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ICT Insights Issue 14 (06/2015)


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IoT Crossing the Chasm

We expect that the next two years are especially critical in our effort to enable the deployment of the state-of-the-art networks necessary for businesses large and small to launch their IoT services with the aim of crossing the chasm to strong and sustaining positions in the market.



IEEE Award Paper: High-Resolution Interpolation of Planar Structures

Free-view interpolation is a key element in synthesizing images and video from new points of view using only a limited number of original sources. It helps to define a new class of lightweight mobile phone solutions that are capable of high quality.


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Applications-Driven Networking

Researchers are assigned to focus on technology-driven progress, while the largest force for commercial development lies in delivery of successful applications.
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IoT Platform for Global Connectivity

Huawei’s newly announced Agile IoT Solution features an agile gateway, agile controller, and lightweight operating system.
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Accenture Foresees BoT as Future Megatrend

Internet of Things (IoT) creates unprecedented opportunities for financial services companies to deliver tailored products, and services based on real-time information.
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Smarter Connectivity Brightens Our World

The conditions are ripe for unleashing the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of People (IoP). Computer intelligence, combined with far-reaching connectivity, are improving the way factories work, farmers bring crops to market, and cities provide services to individual people.

Special Report

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Agile IoT — Transforming Production and Service

Huawei’s answer to incorporating the Internet of Things into the global manufacturing industry is Agile IoT.
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Next-Generation Networks: Feel What You Feel

A new perspective, focused on the creation of agile networks, is positioned to provide positive outcomes for enterprises through dynamic monitoring of IP network quality.
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Agile Data Center Networks: Fact or Fiction?

Expectations are high that SDN is a panacea for large enterprise campuses.
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NaaS Transforms Enterprise Infrastructures

Advances in virtualization have changed the focus of network equipment to enhanced platforms that feature software-enabled, Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) functionality.
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Driving Enterprise Communication

Innovative technologies optimize the enterprise value chain to facilitate communication, interaction, and collaboration.


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Agile Controller 2.0 for Service Networks

Huawei’s Agile Controller 2.0 is the core component for adding value to an SDN ecosystem by combining management, policy, and control plane logic into a single process.
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Cloud-Based DDoS Mitigation

Powered by Big Data analytics, the Huawei Cloud Security Center paves the way for global, benefit-sharing collaborations to manage Distributed Denial of Service attacks.


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Why Modern Buildings Still Have Wi-Fi Dead Zones — And How One Fixed Them

The newly designed headquarters for China Central Television (CCTV) in Beijing is one of the most architecturally unique buildings in the world. During the 2012 move into their new offices, employees discovered that wireless access was erratic and unstable. So, CCTV partnered with Huawei to resolve the wireless LAN issues.
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Harnessing the Digital Oil and Gas Field

The role of technology in oil and gas production has never appeared so essential, and solution providers like Huawei are enabling the industry to be leaner and more agile.
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How New Technology is Helping a University Grow a World-Class Digital Campus

To remain competitive and agile, universities across the world are building digital campuses, which will improve the quality and accessibility of educational resources, expanding the geographic scope of universities and increasing the number of services they can offer.


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O2O: The Future of Retail

What combination of online and offline sales will dominate the retail channel?
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Superintelligence Rising

Some of the smartest people on earth warn that super-intelligent computers will mean the end of mankind. Should we be worried?