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Serving Macau’s population of 542,000

Macau’s population amounts to approximately 542,000 people on a surface area of 31.3 km2. The Municipal Affairs Bureau1 (IAM) acts as the city’s municipal council that regulates civil and municipal affairs. It is supervised by the Secretariat for Administration and Justice of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government (SAR).

IAM is responsible for cultural, recreational and environmental health services to Macau residents, while providing advice to the SAR on these matters. IAM needed to build a data center in its new office to support its e-Government Cloud services, such as municipal construction, public service handling, citizen education and public and media relations.

The data center is expected to meet the mainstream requirements in terms of security, reliability, fl exibility and manageability, both for now and the next five years.

Customer Requirements & Challenges

To keep up with its rapid data growth, IAM required a new data center that would meet a series of challenges such as:

  1. Construction time: Building a traditional IT equipment room is complex, time-consuming and costly. A modular equipment room solution would reduce construction time and can be easily replicated whenever necessary.
  2. O&M model: Traditionally, the equipment room O&M was performed manually, which made it difficult to locate equipment malfunction, and increased labor costs. A modular equipment room solution enables an AI-powered O&M model without manual attendance.
  3. Energy saving: Future equipment must be energy-saving and environment-friendly
  4. Service scaling: A modular design would enable scalability for more value-added services and facilitate future expansion.


FusionModule 2000


FusionModule2000 is Huawei’s new generation of smart modular data center products. It has been awarded the world’s first “Uptime Tier IV Ready” certification. The module comprises power, cooling, rack & cabling, and management. The structure can be single-row or dual-row, and supports both cold and hot aisle containment.

In addition, Huawei integrates AI technology into the data center, which significantly improves the reliability, availability and efficiency of the data center through iPower, iCooling and iManager.

Huawei provided IAM with a truly holistic solution that incorporates cabinets, power supply and distribution systems, cooling, equipment room management, lightning protection and grounding, fire extinguishing and integrated cabling systems. The advantages of this solution are its fl exibility, manageability, reliability and high security.

Equipment Provided

huawei products

Customer Benefits

  • Shorter Construction Period: Compared with a traditional IT equipment room, the modular equipment room integrates subsystems such as power supply and distribution, cooling, cabinets, air containment, integrated cabling, and dynamic environment monitoring. It shortens the construction period by 30% and increases the number of cabinets by 30%.
  • Energy Saving: The modular equipment room helps save energy consumption and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Intelligent Management and Refined O&M: The modular data center monitors the internal environment, powers micromodule devices in real time and ensures better coordination to implement refined O&M. This results in the reduction of O&M costs and equipment failure rates
  • Easy and Flexible for future expansion

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