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Huawei Helps 21Vianet Build New-Gen Green DCs

2017-05-26 00:00:00


Productivity is increasing and societal digitalization is relying on data centers as the foundation of customer satisfaction. To satisfy the rapidly increasing demand of Chinese customers and top Fortune Global 500 companies such as IBM for Internet Data Center (IDC) leasing, 21Vianet has deployed large-scale data centers in Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen to adapt to rapid service changes. However the rapid growth has caused costs for operation, management and power usage to skyrocket. 21Vianet has turned to Huawei as a trusted vendor to help relieve these issues and prepare them for any future challenges.

Business Challenges

The Beijing Xingguang Yingshiyuan data center is 21Vianet’s biggest data center in Beijing at 41,683 square meters. As a national core node, it is connected to important data centers in Xi’an, Suzhou, and Beijing M5. 21Vianet requires that the construction of this data center be rapidly deployed, efficient, energy-saving, secure, and reliable. Based on market orientation and tenant requirements, the data center was built with three main guidelines:

  • Tier 3+
  • The tradeoff between investment cost and operation cost is optimized
  • The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is at the cutting edge


Huawei uses the concept of modular data centers to optimally plan and design for the Beijing Xingguang Yingshiyuan data center project, converting on-site engineering to factory prefabrication, significantly relieving the on-site construction difficulties and providing rapid delivery.

The power distribution system is designed in compliance with Tier 3+ standards, with redundancy of dual power supplies, configured with 64 Huawei UPS5000 transformerless modular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, which aid in elevating the efficiency up to 96 percent. Two architectures, 2N and N+1 can satisfy requirements of different customers. Battery backup time is longer than 15 minutes at full load and all cabinets use two-way power supplies. All equipment room modules satisfy requirements for accommodating high-density devices. The average power density of the modules is 2 kVA/m2 (7 kVA per cabinet) or higher. The generators are in N+1 redundancy and, with two sets of oil storage systems installed and two buried oil tanks, they can support full-load 24-hour operation and are in compliance with national grade-A equipment room standards.

The cooling system and aisle containment are used to effectively manage air flow. Chillers are in N+1 redundancy. Teamwork control is used and the  chilled water pipes use a ring structure for water supply. Three 70-cubic-meter cooling tanks are used so if the air conditioners are down, the cooling tanks can support full-load cooling for 15 minutes. The equipment room supports under-floor flow mode and upper air return mode . The floor is raised one meter high allowing for large-power chilled-water precision air conditioners to be used. A single-module equipment room is in N+1 configuration, providing precision air conditioning, plus the teamwork control minimizes cooling energy consumption and satisfies cooling requirements of high-density equipment rooms.


The Beijing Xingguang Yingshiyuan data center project is a brave innovation in the IDC field. Faced with a series of challenges such as large-scale rapid delivery, energy savings, security, and reliability, Huawei uses high-quality, intelligent components, and the concept of modular construction to make breakthroughs in terms of reliability, flexibility, and environmental friendliness.

With rapid project delivery of new projects provided at a staggering speed of 4.5 months per stage, more than 30 percent of time is saved compared with traditional data centers. Innovative designs in the power supply system and cooling system offer a PUE less than 1.5 and the cooling efficiency is increased by 40percent.

“Huawei has been our best partner. Huawei keeps making progress in modularization and standardization of data center products based on their own innovations. In the future, both parties will have bright cooperation prospects and work together to provide better data center products and services to customers.”

— CTO of 21Vianet

About 21Vianet

21Vianet is China’s biggest telecommunications-neutral internet infrastructure service provider. It provides state-of-the-art data center hosting services, managed network services, content distribution network services, and cloud computing services. The private smart routing technology of 21vianet provides more efficient and reliable data transfer and exchange.

21Vianet provides services to more than 2,000 well-known enterprise customers, manages more than 80 distributed data centers in 44 cities worldwide, and has more than 18,000 cabinets and 500 network nodes (POP).

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