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Network Reliability for Operational Reliability

Retail warehouses face a range of network challenges. With a huge number of goods and shelves, wireless signal shielding between channels is a serious problem: unstable signals can easily go offline as wireless terminals roam.

Elsewhere, manual registration of incoming and outgoing goods proves inefficient and time-consuming. Without dedicated network personnel onsite, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is also problematic: rectifying faults when they occur is inefficient and costly.

Based on cloud management Wi-Fi, Huawei’s Smart Warehouse solution maps different kinds of scenarios for large, medium and small warehouses. Wi-Fi and Internet of Things (IoT) convergence technologies provide stable, full coverage Internet access, with automatic registration of incoming and outgoing goods, and smart roaming: meaning mobile terminals always remain online.

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  • Stable Wi-Fi Connections

    Relevant Access Point (AP) devices provide large, medium and small warehouses with guaranteed, uninterrupted Wi-Fi connections.

  • Automatic Product Registration

    Converged Wi-Fi and IoT provide automatic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based product registration, improving efficiency and reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 30 percent.

  • Unified O&M

    Huawei's cloud management Wi-Fi platform provides unified management of warehouse’s network equipment, as well as simplified O&M.

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