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Huawei Software SnS for Continuous, Efficient, and Stable Software Operations

The industry is witnessing rapid development of new ICT technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, and AI. Software nowadays has more updates and features, and creates more value. Investment in this field is becoming unpredictable. Customers need efficient and stable software to bear their existing services, fast software innovation to accelerate new service launch, and new business models to cope with software innovation. They want simplified service transactions and healthy business growth. Huawei leverages the mature software business models widely used in the industry to provide customers with software subscription and support services, including software SnS and advanced software support. Licensed customers can obtain new versions, new features, software update license, and technical support services within the contract period by purchasing the SnS service. These services allow them to deploy new services in a timely manner and seize market opportunities. In addition, customers can purchase advanced software support to enjoy other onsite software services. Huawei software subscription and support services have been applied in various industries, such as finance, government, transportation, and electric power.

Software SnS Service

Software SnS is the basic support services that Huawei provides for our software customers. The service includes: 
1. TAC support: Huawei engineers provide 24/7 remote troubleshooting services. When receiving a software fault report, these engineers use telephone calls and remote access to help the customer rectify the fault in a timely manner. 
2. Online self-service: You can visit the website and download documents to obtain the latest maintenance experience, skills, and product knowledge, and log in to the self-service system to find the support you need. 
3. Software update and upgrade: Huawei provides the permission that allows you to update and upgrade your software, including patches, new features, and new versions. This keeps your purchased software in the best state, so that it can apply in more scenarios, meet higher service requirements, and bring you continuous benefits.

For Partners

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