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X1221-C 2-Megapixel Facial Recognition Smart Box Camera

Huawei X1221-C is a smart camera with a 2-megapixel resolution for face checkpoint services and helps customers build a facial recognition system that is efficient, stable, and accurate. Based on computer vision, the camera integrates multiple technologies such as image processing and deep learning to extract facial features from mass quantities of videos and match them by comparison with a face library.

Application Scenarios

  • Safe City

    With its unique advantages, X1221-C facial recognition cameras alleviate the pressure of face detection and recognition on the cloud, saving a lot of analysis resources at the cloud side. This enables the cloud to process services of more cameras at the same time. The X1221-C camera, functioning as a face detection and recognition device, is widely applied in the dynamic facial recognition system for Safe City projects.
  • Transportation Smart Recognition

    The X1221-C facial recognition camera supports facial recognition in densely populated areas. This camera is suitable for security checks as passage points in high-speed railway stations and airports as well as subway turnstiles, facilitating intelligent face recognition for transportation, operations, and security management.
  • Campus Monitoring

    The X1221-C facial recognition camera can be used to monitor important entrances and exits of the campus. This camera matches the face information in the image with that in the face library in real time to identify authorized persons. The facial recognition camera is will-suited for scenarios such as enterprise campuses, school campuses, and supermarket chains.


Model X1221-C
Image Sensor 1/1.8-inch 2-megapixel progressive scan CMOS
Maximum Resolution 1,920 x 1,080
Minimum Illumination Color: 0.002 lux @ (F1.5, AGC ON)
B/W: 0.0002 lux @ (F1.5, AGC ON)
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 120 dB
Intelligent Analysis Fast movement detection, abandoned object detection, removed object detection, tripwire crossing detection, intrusion detection, area entry/exit detection, loitering detection, and crowd gathering detection
Exception Detection Video quality diagnosis, audio existence detection, sudden volume increase or decrease detection, scene change detection, and defocus detection
Facial Recognition Supported; enables face match comparisons with a face library containing a maximum of 100,000 face records
Power Supply 12V DC, 24V AC, and PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at)
Surge Protection Rating 6 kV
Operating Temperature –30°C to +60°C

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