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Huawei's vision is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. The biggest challenge faced by industries is how to eliminate data silos and enhance resource aggregation, association, and sharing.

Huawei's Horizon Digital Platform is oriented to the critical business scenarios of key industries. Based on the cloud, the platform optimizes and integrates new ICT technologies, converges data, and works with partners, enabling customers' business collaboration and agile innovation.

Huawei believes that we can achieve mutual benefits and facilitate customers' digital transformation by teaming up with our partners to open fertile soil, converge ecosystems, and build a digital foundation.

In-Depth Insights Into Horizon Digital Platform

Unique Highlights of the Horizon Digital Platform

  • Technologies

    Industry enablement, technology convergence, and a consistent experience across clouds and platforms

  • Ecosystem

    5-level new ecosystem architecture for business opportunity sharing and agile development; globally-distributed OpenLabs for joint innovation

  • Practices

    Comprehensive industry understanding and extensive industry practices gained from more than 100 intelligent cities and hundreds of campuses

Huawei Horizon Digital Platform Is Facilitating Digital Transformation in Different Industries

    Huawei Horizon Digital Platform Unlocks Unlimited Possibilities

    • 50 +

      Experts for strategic planning and consultation to provide top-level design capabilities

    • 1000 +

      1000+ solution partners and 1000+ certified joint solutions

    • 9

      Integration verification centers, bringing together global OpenLab innovation achievements

    • 228

      Fortune Global 500 enterprises choosing Huawei to achieve digital transformation

    • US$1 billion

      Invested to support developer partners