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Huawei Helps Build ‘Smart’ Guangfu Community

16.06.2017 0:00:00


Color Cube, the pioneer integrated service provider in Yunnan province, China, focuses on building and maintaining smart campuses. These campuses can integrate telecom infrastructure, an IT data center, multimedia capabilities, and eCommerce support.

Guangfu community in Kunming is Color Cube’s most important project to date. With an area of 1.6 million square meters and a population of more than 120,000, Guangfu community has a variety of coverage needs for a campus network. Smart development needs to include residential, commercial, office, cultural, and entertainment venues, as well as broad capabilities for handling community pensions, health management, and community finance. 

Before the new project began, the community had 17 networked systems that covered functions such as video surveillance, fire alarms, air conditioning and ventilation, parking management, consumption cards, and energy management. More than 10 million access terminals were available.


Guangfu community wanted to implement a full Smart City setup that included support for the activities of residents and visitors, as well as smart office and smart shopping. Smart offices and smart shopping were needed to help local commercial complexes that face fierce competition from user-friendly online stores. For the city’s brick-and-mortar enterprises, the future of business development depended on whether they were ICT-enabled, ecological, and intelligent.

The biggest challenges for the Guangfu community are the complexities of implementing and managing all the coverage scenarios and legacy systems in a unified network with good interoperability. If the community used a traditional IT solution, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) would be huge.


Huawei cooperated with Color Cube to explore construction of a ‘Smart’ Guangfu community. The companies proposed an all-optical Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution. 

The POL solution is based on standard Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology, which can be used to build a unified all-optical network platform. On this platform, all of the community’s legacy systems and networks for different coverage areas can be carried comprehensively. The network relies on Huawei’s industry-leading Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and Optical Network Unit (ONU). These devices will support a smooth evolution into the future as PON technology develops.

In the new Smart community data center, Color Cube uses Huawei cloud computing solutions to implement cloudification of the community data center. Color Cube can then rent IT resources, such computing, storage, and networking as basic services to the campus customers — just like water and electricity.

At the same time, Huawei’s Wi-Fi solution was adopted to cover the entire community, with the POL network providing backhaul. All-scenario Wi-Fi coverage allows residents to access the network at any time and supports the community to fully exploit the value of huge user resources. Those resources include value-added services that bring benefits to residents and create opportunities for businesses. 


By adopting this passive-optical solution, the Guangfu community reduced Smart City deployment and operating costs by about half, compared with traditional networking approaches. 

Color Cube CEO Jiang Peng observed, “By deploying Huawei’s all-optical POL solution, the biggest breakthrough of the Guangfu community project is that all the existing systems of the community are carried across a unified all-optical network, which greatly reduces deployment and operating costs. On this platform, we also have a lot of innovative business models. For example, through the analysis of user data, you can achieve accurate advertising push and significantly enhance the user experience. Finally, this solution helps the Guangfu community achieve a new mode of smart community operation.”