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Forrester, Huawei Jointly Release AIFW Thought Leadership White Paper

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After several ups and downs, AI technologies have continued to be refined, and in recent years have become more well-developed. Many believe that AI will inject new vitality into all walks of life, and bring new opportunities for security protection. Practice has shown that AI technologies can extract insights from data, revolutionize the capabilities of threat detection, respond to incidents and security operation and maintenance, and will promote the evolution of firewalls into of artificial intelligence firewalls (AIFWs).

Download the Thought Leadership White Paper "Artificial Intelligence Firewalls — The Intelligent Solution For Enterprise Cybersecurity" jointly released by Huawei and Forrester. You can understand:

  • The increasingly complex and severe network security situation in the AI era.

  • What challenges will enterprises face when using NGFW?

  • What is the unique value and advantages of AI technology when applied in network security defense?

  • Strategic recommendations for the evolution and upgrading of firewall technology.

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