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CloudEngine 1800V Series Data Center Switches

Huawei CloudEngine 1800V (CE1800V) is a distributed virtual switch designed for virtualized environments in cloud data centers. It provides best-in-class forwarding performance, open architecture, and enhanced security protection. It can run on multiple compute virtualization platforms such as Huawei FusionSphere, VMware ESXi, as well as open-source platforms.


Item CE1800V
Forwarding Architecture Packet switching architecture
OpenFlow forwarding architecture
Forwarding Performance 12 Gbit/s per core, user mode
Overlay Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)
Number of VXLAN Network Identifiers (VNIs): 128K
Layer 2 Number of VLANs: 4K
Number of MAC entries: 8K
Link Aggregation function
Layer 3 IP packet forwarding
Distributed forwarding by Distributed Virtual Routers (DVRs)
DHCP Distributed DHCP
QoS and Security Inbound traffic rate limiting
DSCP priority mapping
VM port isolation
SDN OpenFlow 1.3
Open vSwitch Database Management Protocol (OVSDB)
SC: Classifies received packets and sends them to matching service chains
SFF: Forwards packets along a predefined NSH service chain and terminates the service chain at the endpoint
Management and Maintenance Automatic installation and upgrade
Resource alarm, monitoring, inspection, logging, and interface traffic statistics collection
Link exception and abnormal process state monitoring and automatic recovery
Remote Layer 3 port mirroring
Compatibility Interoperable with FusionSphere
Interoperable with OpenStack KVM
Interoperable with VMware ESXi

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