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Sell Service

Service Products

Huawei offers ICT services to help customers build high-quality ICT infrastructures and competitive applications, effectively accelerating the core business of customers. Huawei lifecycle services cover the following phases:

  • Plan: ICT Consulting, Planning, and Design.
  • Build: Product Installation and Solution Implementation.
  • Run: Customer Support, and Improvement.

In addition, Huawei provides training and certification services that keep customers and partners updated with the latest technology and solution know-how. For more detail, please download the attachment bellow.

Huawei Enterprise Service Catalogue

UniSTAR SCT (Smart Configuration Tool) is a new-generation Web-based configuration and quotation tool designed for channel partners and Huawei employees.It is a swift, smart and simple online tool that applies to most Huawei Enterprise Business products and services, and it improves the efficiency of configuration and quotation.

Selling Huawei Service Contract Renewals This guide is designed to help business partners understand Huawei’s service sales contracts. The main focus here is on how to get service contract renewal opportunities and how to speed up the renewal process.

Customer Support Service Sales Guide

Service Contract Renewal Sales Guide

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