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Sygnity Europe (Poland)

Sygnity Europe is a subsidiary company of Sygnity SA, the leading distributor of IT solutions on the Polish market. It has been established following Sygnity SA's strong position in Poland, in order to extend its superb services into further European countries. Thanks to the twenty years of experience in developing our own technologies we are able to deliver the most efficient products and services. So far Sygnity SA has successfully completed several thousand various IT projects not only in Poland, but also in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Russia and Ukraine.

Sygnity Europe’s core activities focus on markets beyond the Polish border and include distribution of Huawei IT equipment as well as sales of our in-house solutions. Our cooperation with Huawei grants you access to a multitude of cost efficient ICT products, allowing you to maximize your business's output. The expertise we hold in software development facilitates our easy-to-use systems which will increase your company’s performance. In order to peak your output, we also render product bundles consisting of Sygnity SA’s software and Huawei’s infrastructure.

Sygnity Europe’s entire offer can be customized to meet your exact needs and requirements, as our hallmarks are flexibility and adaptability. We address all economy sectors, including both private companies and public institutions. You can reach us through the network of our representatives covering the regions of the Balkans, Central Europe and the Scandinavian Peninsula. We already operate in sixteen European countries, so customers can find our local partners and sign up for profits easily.

Contact information

Phone: +48 22 571 10 00
Fax: +48 22 571 10 01
Address: Al. Jerozolimskie 180 02-486 Warsaw, Poland