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S4E Inc. (Poland)

S4E Inc. was established in December 2000 by a group of people with enormous experience gained in other declared companies specializing on storage systems. From the beginning of its activity the company is 100% created on the basis of Polish capital. In June 2001, the company was taken from an investor or a Venture Capital Fund MCI Management Inc. In 2007, the company went public and its shares are listed since 30 August on the NewConnect market of actions carried out by the Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

The company is a distributor of IT equipment and supplies comprehensive solutions in the fields of the safe storage of data, networking and security, to the Polish market through a network of selected partners. S4E Inc. cooperates solely with the hardware and software vendors that are leaders in their field. These currently include such companies as Actidata, Atempo, Data Domain, EMC, Huawei, Loglogic, Quantum, Symantec, Riverbed and ZenithARCA. Since 2010 it is the distributor of Huawei Technologies.

S4E Inc. directs its offer to trading partners with a profile of the VAR (Value Add Resellers and System Integrators) and conducts sales activities throughout the country. The main office is located in Krakow, but there are also regional offices in Warsaw and Poznań. The distributor has its own training centre. Using your equipment it is possible to carry out not only for training strictly product, but also training of comprehensive solutions.

Contact information

Phone: +48 (12) 296 45 45
Fax: +48 (12) 376 80 57
Address: Biskupińska str. no. 3B, 30-732 Krakow