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Landata in short (Russia)

Landata company, being a part of the “Systematica Group”, was founded in 1994. Today Landata is one of the leading distributors of the high-quality network, telecommunication, computer, periphery and controlling and measuring equipment. The product mix policy is based on a unifying principle: the equipment Landata offers is high-quality, reliable technology from well-known producers. Landata always strives to evaluate the current market and its future prospects from various points of view and to find the optimal solution, which will make it possible for channels to offer their clients equipment for which there is demand, while realizing substantial profits. Besides, Landata offers technical consulting, convenient financing, flexible terms of credit, delivery of equipment, testing programs, marketing and information support, and assistance with authorization and training. Landata has entered a number of strategic agreements, which will enable it to offer channel partners competitive prices and terms for special-order equipment.

Now Landata has a staff of over 200 people: certified engineers, managers, financial and logistics experts, and a marketing department and has over 2000 partners from 89 regions of Russia and six Commonwealth of Independent States member countries.

Phone:+7(495) 925-7620
Fax: +7(495) 925-7621
Address: 121471, Russia, Moscow, Second lane Petra Alekseeva, b.2