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Koning & Hartman (Netherlands)

About Koning & Hartman

With over 500 employees, Koning & Hartman is a unique company. Technology is in our blood and we are proud of what we, as a company, achieve. Koning & Hartman focuses on delivering products and services for industrial, telecoms, cable and energy-related infrastructure – total solutions that make the business processes of our clients better, faster and more cost-efficient. Thanks to our expertise, our company enjoys a unique position on the market with regards to industrial and telecoms solutions. We are active in many market segments: public transport, water management, energy, the public sector, OEM, the food and beverages industry, pharmaceuticals, public order and safety, and financial services.

Our employees deal with the latest technologies on a daily basis and cooperate with leading technology partners and clients. In short, our people make the difference thanks to knowledge and experience, love for technology and personal commitment to clients and projects.

As a Benelux organization, we are big enough to be a serious player and small enough to be committed to our clients. Our head office is located in Amsterdam, and our other offices are situated in Delft, Veenendaal and Vilvoorde (Belgium).

Koning & Hartman B.V.

River Building

Haarlerbergweg 21e-23e

Postbus 416

1000 AK Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)20 587 76 00

Fax: +31 (0)20 587 76 05