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JP Sá Couto (Portugal)

JP Sá Couto in Short

Founded in March of 1989, JP Sá Couto is a Portuguese company dedicated to the design and marketing of technology solutions. It has also developed a pioneer project that is a global reference point for ICT-based education.

Devoted to manufacturing high-quality computer equipment, it offers the Tsunami and Magalhães lines which are leading brands in Portugal. Headquartered in Matosinhos with industrial plants, the company is noted for its solidity, competitiveness, innovation and the quality of what it puts on the market. In2009, it achieved a turnover of approximately 280 million Euros.

A member of the Intel Channel Partner Premier since 2002, JP Sá Couto SA invests in producing reliable, top quality equipment.

JP Sá Couto is a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2005 and has been awarded the following competencies:

  • l Midmarket Solution Provider
  • l OEM Hardware
  • l Small Business Specialist Community

JP Sá Couto distributes the most prestigious IT brands with the goal of offering a wide range of products suited to the needs of each customer. The rigorous selection of products is synonymous with a strict distribution policy. JP Sá Couto can ensure excellent response in three fundamental areas:

  • l Business know-how
  • l High performance logistics
  • l Providing excellent post-sales service

Address: Ed. Mar Vermelho - Av. D. João II, lote, 7º Piso - Parque das Nações 1998-28 Lisboa, Portugal.


Phone/Fax: +31521 925 99 00/+35121 925 99 29