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EDSlan (Spain)

Billings near 53,5 million Euro in 2011, a team of one hundred, eight operations center covering the whole of the country, a number of world renowned brands represented, these are the numbers showing EDSlan’s success.

Numbers and growing trend all very interesting, yet the most significant asset is our Customer base. Almost three thousand successful installers and system integrators with stable business relations with EDSlan, cause they value that quality, punctuality and profitability of their business is founded on the choice of the right Communication Technologies Distributor.

Cabling, Networking, IP Telephony & UC and IP Security are the technologies distributed in such a wide and deep range to position EDSlan as an absolute Communication Technologies market master with well recognized sale and technical support capabilities.

The company policy is to build up personalized relations with customers to support them during the planning stage and sale to the end users, during installation and subsequent fundamental phases like certification of the installations and post-sales assistance.

The companies represented and the products sold are selected in order to be able to combine widely marketed technology with more avant-garde solutions, always remaining constantly alert to the possibility of offering the best conditions on the market, also thanks to consolidated relations with the manufacturers, many of whom are leaders in their segments of the market.

The range and quality of the services guaranteed to partners is the pride of EDSlan, who is always aware that each partner has differing, specific needs.

EDSlan SpA (headquarter)

Via Damiano Chiesa, 20

20871 Vimercate (MB)

EDSlan SpA

Via Amendola, 162/1 8° piano

70126 Bari

EDSlan SpA

Via F.lli Bandiera, 64

95030 Catania

EDSlan SpA

Via T. Vecellio, 169/B

35132 Padua

EDSlan SpA

P.le Cina, 73

00144 Rome

EDSlan SpA


EDSlan SpA

Via delle Corallaie, 16

57121 Livorno

EDSlan SpA


EDSlan SpA