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Digital China Holdings Limited was spun off from the Legend Group. Digital China is a leading integrated IT services provider in China. It focuses on providing customers with sophisticated and applicable IT solutions, driving technological innovations for work and life and enhancing the digitalization process in China. In order to achieve these goals, the Group is striving to become the premier IT services provider with the most comprehensive services for a majority of Chinese users. Digital China focuses on eight major business segments in the China market: IT Planning, Business Process Outsourcing, Application Development, System Integration, Hardware Infrastructure Services, Maintenance, Hardware Installation, Distribution and Retail. A full range of IT services are available to industry clients, large enterprises, SMEs and individual consumers.

Digital China System Technology Strategy SUB business covers product distribution, private brand products, and integration service for enterprise client. It is committed to providing enterprise client with a series of world-class services including hardware and software products service, solutions and comprehensive IT systems value-added services.

The Digital System Technology Strategy Department has established a long-term strategic partnership with more than 60 internationally renowned IT companies, and more than 8000 integrating business partners, and more than 15000 clients through direct coverage and the SI / ISV partnership. Since 1997,System Technology Strategy SUB entered the value-added IT services market, has set up a comprehensive marketing system, as well as technical support and training support services, providing clients with localized service and marketing network.

● Holding a leading position in market
● Abundant vendor resources
● Distribution of a wide range of business partners
● Nationwide market network
● Professional technology service ability
● Strong spare part center and logistics system

Contact Information

Tel: 86-10 400 619-1113
Address: Digital China Building,16 Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing China