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FusionSphere Foundation is a free version of Huawei FusionSphere, including FusionCompute and FusionManager, which provide server virtualization and cloud management capabilities. For a system with less than or equal to six physical CPUs, the Foundation Edition allows users to use FusionSphere free of charge permanently without any function restrictions. For a system with more than six physical CPUs, this edition allows users to use FusionSphere free of charge for up to 90 days without any function restrictions. After the trial period (90 days) expires, existing VMs in the system are still available. However, administrators can only query service data, and manage users, roles, and license files.
Contact a Huawei Enterprise Representative (400-822-9999) to buy an official commercial version.

Preparing for FusionSphere Installation

Create a Huawei eSupport email account.

Learn more about FusionSphere from the product description.

FusionSphere Foundation Version Download

FusionSphere 6.1 Quick User Guide

This document illustrates how to quickly install and configure FusionSphere and provision services using FusionSphere. For more details about FusionSphere, see the FusionSphere V100R006C10 Product Documentation.

FusionCompute 6.1_CNA

Mandatory. ISO mirror image of FusionSphere Server Operating System, which is used to virtualize computing, storage and network resources of the host.

FusionCompute 6.1_Tools

Mandatory. FusionCompute installation guideline tools combined with necessary system tools, which are used to install a virtual machine for FusionCompute Virtual Resource Manager (VRM) and initialize several types of resources.

FusionCompute 6.1_VRM

Mandatory. Template file of FusionCompute’s Virtual Resource Manager (VRM), which deploys the template as a VRM virtual machine by using the FusionCompute installation guideline tool.

FusionCompute 6.1_GuestOSDrivers

Optional. Driver for the user virtual machine, including PV Driver and Intelligent Network Adapter Driver.
Download this software package only when it is necessary to create a virtual machine on FusionCompute. When creating a virtual machine on FusionCompute, the user can also use the “Mount Tools” function on FusionCompute to install the PV Driver and Intelligent Network Adapter Driver.