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OceanStor 18500/18800 V5 Mission-Critical Hybrid Flash Storage Systems

Huawei’s OceanStor 18500/18800 V5 mission-critical hybrid flash storage systems are dedicated to providing the highest level of data services for enterprises’ mission-critical businesses.

Industry-leading SmartMatrix 2.0 system architecture, the HyperMetro gateway-free active-active feature, flash-oriented optimization technology, a cutting-edge hardware platform, and a full range of efficiency improvements and data protection software deliver top-of-the-line reliability, performance, and solutions.

The OceanStor 18500/18800 V5 systems satisfy the storage requirements of large-database OLTP/OLAP and cloud computing, making it a perfect choice for the government, finance, telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors.

Specially built for enterprises’ mission-critical businesses, meeting the most demanding reliability and scalability requirements

  • Solid reliability
    The cutting-edge intelligent SmartMatrix 2.0 architecture, in combination with the gateway-free converged active-active solution, ensures 99.9999% availability, guaranteeing business continuity for customers.
  • Excellent performance
    The flash-oriented system design ensures rapid response to core services. With outstanding scalability, OceanStor 18500/18800 V5 can be equipped with a maximum of 16 controllers, 16 TB of cache, and 9,600 enterprise-class disk drives, delivering up to 6 million IOPS.
  • Intelligent services
    The OceanStor 18500/18800 V5 systems employ eService to support intelligent device management throughout the entire lifecycle (plan, design, and O&M), and accelerate cloud transformation for enterprises using hybrid cloud solutions.



OceanStor 18500 V5

OceanStor 18800 V5


SmartMatrix 2.0

Maximum Number of Controllers



Multi-core processors

System Cache (expands with the number of controllers)

512 GB to 16 TB

1 TB to 16 TB

Supported Storage Protocols

Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, InfiniBand, NFS, CIFS, FTP, and HTTP

Types of Front-end Ports

16 Gbit/s Fibre Channel, 8 Gbit/s Fibre Channel, 10 Gbit/s FCoE, 1/10 Gbit/s Ethernet, and 56 Gbit/s InfiniBand

Type of Back-end Ports

SAS 3.0 (single port 4 x 12 Gbit/s)

Maximum Number of Ports per Host


Maximum Number of Disks

6,400 (2.5 inches)/3,072 (3.5 inches)

9,600 (2.5 inches)/4,608 (3.5 inches)

Data Protection Software

HyperSnap (snapshot), HyperClone (clone)

HyperCopy (copy), HyperMirror (volume mirroring)

HyperMetro (active-active arrays), HyperReplication (remote replication)

HyperLock (WORM), HyperVault (all-in-one backup)

Mission-critical Business Protection

SmartQoS (intelligent service quality control)

SmartPartition (intelligent partitioning)

SmartCache (intelligent SSD caching)

Resource Efficiency Improvement Software

SmartMigration (intelligent LUN migration), SmartVirtualization (intelligent heterogeneous virtualization)

SmartMulti-tenant (intelligent multi-tenant), SmartQuota (quota management)

SmartDedupe (intelligent de-duplication), SmartCompression (intelligent compression)

SmartThin (intelligent thin provisioning), SmartMotion (intelligent data motion)

SmartErase (intelligent data destruction), SmartTier (intelligent data tiering)

Storage Management Software

UltraPath (host multipath), BCManager (DR management)

DeviceManager (single-device management software), eSight (centralized O&M management software)

eService (remote maintenance management)



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