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Integrated Technology for Seamless Operation

HUAWEI CLOUD Stack — Huawei's full-stack hybrid cloud — builds high-performance IT infrastructure by leveraging Huawei’s end-to-end expertise, from in-house chip design to hardware optimization (Atlas servers, Dorado all-flash storage, ARM servers, and KunLun mission critical servers). With closely integrated technology working together seamlessly, Huawei is able to build resource pools that outperform those consisting of general-purpose hardware.

With an open architecture, HUAWEI CLOUD Stack offers 69 best-in-class services to cloud scenarios in various industries. Additionally, HUAWEI CLOUD Stack supports a hybrid architecture that can include public clouds, such as HUAWEI CLOUD, AWS, and Azure. This enables uninterrupted deployment and customer workload migration from a wide range of industries, meeting the service demands of today — and those of tomorrow.

HUAWEI CLOUD Stack is currently serving more than 7000 customers across 150 countries and regions, with more than four million Virtual Machines (VMs) deployed, covering a wide range of sectors, including government, public utilities, telecoms, energy, finance, transportation, manufacturing, media, healthcare, and education.


Huawei CLOUD Stack Architecture

Huawei CLOUD Stack — Huawei’s full-stack hybrid cloud — includes the: FusionSphere Virtualization layer, FusionSphere OpenStack cloud platform layer, service components offering different capabilities as the cloud service layer, ManageOne unified management layer, FusionBridge connecting to the public cloud to implement hybrid cloud deployment, and the cloud data center that provides customers with service awareness, business intelligence, unified management, and unified services.

  • FusionSphere Openstack

    FusionSphere OpenStack is Huawei’s commercial OpenStack release with a built-in Huawei KVM virtualization engine based on open-source OpenStack. It incorporates enterprise-level enhancements to its computing, storage, network management, installation, maintenance, security, and reliability. Huawei CLOUD Stack is the optimal commercial OpenStack choice for enterprise Hybrid Cloud, carrier NFV, and public cloud service providers.


    Huawei’s ManageOne provides a unified Data Center (DC) management platform and supports agile operation, and simplified O&M. It offers reliable service quality assurance and distributed cloud DC coordination. ManageOne has the following features: physically distributed and logically centralized DCs; Centralized DC management; heterogeneous virtualization platforms; and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) optimization. Based on the Virtual Data Center (VDC) mode, DCs can provide different resource services for different departments and services, allowing for separation of resource construction and usage, while matching enterprise and carrier management modes.


    Huawei’s hybrid cloud — FusionBridge — supports eight unified services and provides standard OpenStack APIs. It enables automatic cross-cloud network connection while providing uniform images, resource views, and service catalogs. FusionBridge helps enterprises readily deploy services across clouds, shorten deployment times, and facilitate cross-platform operations and O&M.

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