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Select the Best Storage for Your Business

  • OceanStor All-Flash Storage

  • Hybrid Flash Storage

  • Distributed Storage

  • Intelligent Edge Data Storage

  • Data Management

Huawei OceanStore Dorado V3 & OceanStor F V5 Series all-flash storage
OceanStor All-Flash Storage
OceanStor Dorado series and OceanStor F V5 series all-flash storage provide a wide range of mission-critical products for many different businesses, regardless of their industry, scale, or scenarios — accelerating digital transformation.
  • OceanStor Dorado 8000/18000 V6 All-Flash Storage Systems

    With high performance of up to 20,000,000 IOPS, six-nines reliability (99.9999%), and AI acceleration, OceanStor Dorado 8000/18000 V6 high-end all-flash storage systems meet the high requirements of core enterprise services.

    • Up to 32 controllers
    • Up to 32 TB cache
    • Up to 6400 enterprise-class SSDs
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  • OceanStor Dorado 5000/6000 V6 All-Flash Storage Systems

    Featuring high availability, utilization, and usability through large-capacity storage, high-speed data access, and an eco-friendly design, OceanStor Dorado 5000 and 6000 V6 mid-range all-flash storage systems provide services for medium and large enterprises.

    • Up to 32 controllers
    • Up to 8 TB cache
    • Up to 2400 enterprise-class SSDs
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  • OceanStor Dorado 3000 V6 All-Flash Storage System

    OceanStor Dorado 3000 V6 is a simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective entry-level all-flash storage system, widely applied in non-core service scenarios.

    • Up to 16 controllers
    • Up to 1536 GB cache
    • Up to 1200 enterprise-class SSDs
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  • OceanStor 18000F V5 Series All-Flash Storage Systems

    With SmartMatrix architecture and 6 million IOPS at just 1 ms latency, the OceanStor 18000F V5 series provides optimal data services for businesses.

    Up to 16 controllers Up to 16 TB cache Up to 3200 enterprise-class SSDs
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  • OceanStor 6800F V5 All-Flash Storage System

    With SmartMatrix architecture, flexible scalability, and an impressively high level of performance — a million IOPS — OceanStor 6800F V5 provides optimal data services with simple and agile management.

    Up to 8 controllers Up to 8 TB cache Up to 1500 enterprise-class SSDs (dual-controller)
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  • OceanStor 5000F V5 Series All-Flash Storage Systems

    With a cloud-ready operating system, flash-enabled performance, a million IOPS, low latency, and intelligent management software, the OceanStor 5000F V5 series provides the high scalability required for cloud computing.

    Up to 8 controllers Up to 4 TB cache Up to 1200 enterprise-class SSDs (dual-controller)
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OceanStor 18500/18800 V5
OceanStor 18000 V5 Series Mission-Critical Hybrid Flash Storage Systems

Powered by SmartMatrix system architecture and flash-oriented optimization technology, the OceanStor 18000 V5 series meets the most demanding reliability and scalability requirements for enterprises.

Up to 16 controllers Up to 16 TB cache Up to 9600 enterprise-class disk drives
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OceanStor Pacific Series

The OceanStor Pacific Series is customized for mass data scenarios. It provides diversified storage for virtual/cloud resource pools, mission-critical databases, big data analytics, high-performance computing (HPC), videos, content repositories, backup, and archiving to truly unleash the value of mass data.

  • OceanStor 100D

    Intelligent distributed storage with powerful scale-out capabilities offers on-demand provisioning of block, HDFS, object, and file storage and builds the trusted choice for mass, diversified data.

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  • OceanStor 9000 V5

    Scale-out file storage with fully symmetric distributed architecture stores hundreds of PBs and achieves TB/s throughput.

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FusionCube for Cloud
Huawei FusionCube 2000 Edge Hybrid Workload Solution

Data storage infrastructure — based on converged architecture that pre-integrates a distributed storage engine, virtualization software, and cloud management software — that is predominantly used in Hybrid workloads scenarios.

oceanstor dj en
OceanStor DJ Intelligent Storage Management Platform

OceanStor DJ Intelligent Storage Management Platform,It automates intelligent management and O&M throughout the data lifecycle from storage planning, construction, to O&M and optimization.

  • eService Intelligent Cloud O&M Platform

    eService Intelligent Cloud O&M Platform,Combining big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Huawei eService provides data infrastructure — such as Huawei servers and storage devices — with automatic fault reporting, and problem management and tracking.

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Why Huawei Storage?

  • Storage Capabilities for Any Enterprise

    Huawei's comprehensive storage portfolio ensures you have the right tools for the task. From database and virtualization, to big data, mobile, and cloud, Huawei storage has you covered.

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    Proven Success Across Industries

    Huawei OceanStor Storage has provided storage services to over 12,000 global customers to help them maximize the value of their data, and has been recognized as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Storage Arrays for four consecutive years, solidifying its status as one of the world's leading storage vendors.

  • Innovation Through Collaboration

    Huawei continues to raise the bar in storage solutions through innovation projects and labs with customers, partners, research institutions, and leading universities. Drive innovation in your business with Huawei storage solutions.

Find the Right Storage Solution

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    Data Protection Solutions

    Huawei together with partners provide full-lifecycle protection for data from its initial generation to its eventual archival or deletion at the end of its service life, covering disaster recovery, backup, and archiving.
    Huawei solutions help customers recover hot data upon disasters, back up critical data and make valuable data reusable, and save cold data for long-term retention.
    Huawei solutions protect data across the whole lifecycle to improve data mobility and unleash the power of data.

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