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    Production Line Critical Power Supply

    Safeguard productivity with simplified delivery.


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Keep Productivity Switched On

Productivity demands that production lines keep on moving: this has always been true. Yet, power grids are susceptible to interruption from weather events, surrounding construction, and more. The result? Voltage dips, harmonics, voltage transients, and even power outages. And with diverse electrical equipment now involved in manufacturing, this issue is only exacerbated. For example, harmonic distortion is very likely to occur. Impulse currents generated by motor-driven production equipment may also cause overvoltage and overcurrent, damaging equipment and potentially causing production to stop. That incurs huge economic loss. In addition, the often inefficient Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) and lead-acid batteries compromises reliability.

How You Can Benefit from Huawei's Solution

In this context, the Production Line Critical Power Supply Solution provides stable power supply for equipment. It adapts to complex power grids and boasts an efficiency of up to 99%.



A modular, redundancy design eliminates any Single Point Of Failure (SPOF).


System efficiency reaches 99% with an innovative S-ECO mode. Plus, the solution's physical footprint is slashed by 50%, compared to alternatives.

High Integration


iPower intelligent features facilitate visualized management and predictive maintenance.

Real-World Applications

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Modular UPS + Lithium Battery: 1 MW in One Cabinet with High Density and Efficiency

Unlike parallel systems, Huawei's modular UPS plus lithium battery solution adopts hybrid power supply systems. This means that it adapts to complex power grids and is easily scalable.

More power in each cabinet: Huawei's high-density, efficient UPS products use brand-new power modules, reaching a power density of 100 kW per 3U, with one cabinet providing 1 MW of power — a lot more than other mainstream products. And Huawei's innovative S-ECO mode supports bypass input and output, boosting energy efficiency to 99%.

Higher reliability with lithium batteries: Huawei SmartLi uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), which offers high energy density but is more stable and secure than alternatives. It doesn't generate oxygen during thermal runaway and therefore eliminates the risk of fire or explosion. A single cabinet provides 300 kW of backup power in 10 min, reducing Capital Expenditure (CAPEX).

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PowerPOD Solution: Prefabrication for One-Stop Delivery

Huawei's PowerPOD solution uses prefabricated, engineering-free power modules that are easy to deliver, accelerating onsite deployment. It resolves several traditional issues faced by power supply and distribution systems that use components from different vendors, from slow delivery to a large physical footprint and inefficient link use.

Full-link convergence and high density: 10 kV mains input and feeder output links are fully converged. An integrated design and high-density components reduce the physical footprint.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for higher reliability: iPower intelligent features implement visualized management and predictive maintenance. Together with functions such as AI-based temperature prediction, key component life prediction, and intelligent settings, these functions form a dual-layered reliability design, which transforms passive O&M to auto healing.

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