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For Reliable, High-Quality Power Grids

A badly performing, unreliable power grid directly impacts the economy and, with that, quality of life. And while Distribution Automation (DA) — smart control over a grid — is an effective tool to intelligently match supply with demand by closely monitoring grid devices, DA’s functioning can be problematic on legacy grids, comprised of aging devices and lines with unbalanced distribution, high line loss, and low overall power quality.

However, Huawei’s DA Solution adopts leading ICT technologies — including x Passive Optical Network (xPON), enterprise Long Term Evolution (eLTE), industrial-grade Ethernet switches, and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)/3G — to retrofit already installed grids, modernizing them with intelligent distribution, lowering costs, and improving operational efficiency.

xPON-based Dedicated DA Communications Network Solution

The xPON-based Dedicated DA Communications Network Solution is recommended for urban areas that have optical-fiber resources already installed, such as Central Business Districts (CBDs) and high-tech industrial development zones. It provides active and standby failover, as well as independent dual-uplinks providing reliable DA services in areas with heavy power loads.

It also offers comprehensive security services for DA, with features including prevention of eavesdropping and Media Access Control (MAC) spoofing. Meanwhile, a maximum communication bandwidth of 2.5 Gbit/s, over a distance of 20 kilometers enhances overall DA service transmission.

eLTE-Based, Dedicated DA Communications Network Solution

The eLTE-Based, Dedicated DA Communications Network Solution is recommended for urban areas with unfavorable conditions for installing optical-fiber resources. Its flattened IP network architecture can help reduce the number of network nodes and latency.

Without using optical-fiber resources, eLTE can still increase capacity by deploying additional Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) and updating service data, simplifying network construction and maintenance. Quality of Service (QoS)-controlled, dynamic bandwidth allocates resources based on priorities, ensuring the smooth operation of mission-critical services, such as relay protection and remote control management. Two-way authentication, Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN) encryption, and signaling integrity protection measures ensure the reliability and security of communication networks.

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  • Eliminate Information Silos

    IEC61968 and IEC61970-compliant master stations achieve data sharing, eliminating information silos.

  • Full Coverage for DA Scenarios

    Wired-wireless coverage for all possible DA scenarios, meeting complex power distribution needs.

  • Smart Distribution

    IEC61850-3- and IEEE1613-compliant communication terminals fulfill power distribution application requirements.

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