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Based on deep insights into diverse industry requirements, Huawei provides customers in the government, transportation, finance, and electric power industries and other sectors with tailor-made one-stop service solutions that integrate consulting, planning, design, implementation, customer support, performance improvement, and managed services. These industry-specific services focus on the core businesses of those industries to help customers achieve commercial success and reach their goals.

Huawei has a solid technical foundation in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) field. Our globally distributed comprehensive service support platforms, combined with industry-leading project management technologies and international delivery capabilities, help customers to achieve business success. Industry-specific service experts worldwide provide efficient and high-quality services to help customers achieve business goals and maximize return on investment (ROI).

Advantages of Huawei's Industry-Specific Service Solutions:

  • One-stop solution

  • Reduced ICT infrastructure costs

  • Accelerated rollout of critical services



Fast economic growth, larger urban populations, and limited social resources pose new challenges for urban security. These factors complicate preventive measures before an incident, response during an incident, and evidence collection after an incident. To cope with this situation, governments of many countries have decided to launch Safe City projects and use ICT technologies to improve security management. However, the governments must address challenges such as how to quickly construct a Safe City, how to perform Operations and Maintenance (O&M), and how to develop versatile ICT professionals.
Huawei’s integrated Safe City service solution is based on best practices developed from over 200 Safe City projects in more than 80 countries worldwide. The service solution supports construction of various subsystems such as convergent command, intelligent surveillance, and road safety systems. The consulting and integration design services streamline Safe City construction planning. Integration verification and integration implementation services shorten construction time and improve construction quality. In addition, Huawei provides more than 80 Safe City training courses as well as engineer certification programs in over 10 domains. These training services help public safety forces build up their ICT technical professional’s abilities.
Through professional and efficient services, Huawei helps public safety departments quickly build efficient and stable Safe City ICT systems that improve their ability to manage urban public security.

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Industrialization and urbanization drive fast development of rail transportation. The rise of the mobile Internet era has transformed passenger and freight transportation services. New service development trends have redefined rail transportation requirements, posing great challenges for rail operators. They need to build and maintain a multi-system and multi-service ICT network that meets diverse requirements, including safe driving, reliable train dispatching, and comprehensive security protection. Such an ICT network will help improve operational efficiency and passengers’ experience. With 20 years’ experience in the rail transportation industry and more than 100 global service partners, Huawei has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining industry-leading ICT networks. These networks involve multiple systems and services such as wireless networks, carrier networks, video surveillance, Public Address (PA), Passenger Information System (PIS), clock network, and comprehensive monitoring systems. Huawei has over 200 experienced engineers, 50 project management experts, and 20 senior solution architects who specialize in the rail transportation industry. Along with members of our service teams, they provide customers with optimal ICT solutions.

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Banks are undergoing dramatic changes. The constantly tightening regulations on them, the pressures of the economic downturn, the increasing popularity of Internet finance, and the greater importance of individual and SME customers are disrupting banks’ traditional profit-making models, posing great challenges and far-reaching effects on the industry. 
To match the changes in environment and technologies inside and outside the industry, banking industry needs to be more digital, lightweight, and international. The new technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile Internet will gradually penetrate every aspect of banking businesses. Technology helps drive IT innovation in production systems, builds next-generation architecture, accelerates digital transformation, and leads business reforms and innovation. 
Huawei has been working with the world’s top banks and partners in the finance sector; centering on banking business requirements, we have carried out a number of joint innovative projects that pave the way for banks’ digital transformations. Huawei adheres to the principle of “Accelerating Banks’ Service Innovation, Improving IT Operating Efficiency, and Contributing to Business Success.” Based on the best digital transformation practices of industry-leading banks, Huawei provides an all-in-one service solution that offers full lifecycle IT infrastructure services in digital banking. These services include but are not limited to: Consulting, planning & design, integration implementation, O&M support, optimization, and ICT talent development. These comprehensive services effectively support the evolution of digital banking. 
Independent and controllable: Future-oriented top-level design, combined with the industry’s best practices, maximizing banks’ return on IT investment.
Rapid deployment: Modular product design, delivery experts worldwide, and convenient integration verification services, fully meeting banks’ requirements on business agility.
Efficient operations: SmartNOS, O&M enablement, and financial ICT talent development services, contributing to banks’ IT operational excellence.
Huawei’s Digital Banking Service Solution has already helped more than 300 financial institutions, including six of the Top 10 banks around the globe complete their digital transformation.

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Power Grid

Improvements in the IoT solutions of the electric power industry drive the application of an increasing number of new services and technologies. Multi-service convergence, technological innovations, and expanding system scales result in three major challenges for the electric power industry: High solution complexity, high requirements on solution integration verification, and diversified delivery scenarios with a long delivery time.
Huawei effectively supports the electric power industry to address these major challenges. To deal with solution complexity, Huawei’s Power IoT Service Solution helps the electric power metering industry build a sound ecosystem by leveraging our global practices and experience, professional integration verification teams, and OpenLabs. The service solution includes modular design, flexible networking plan design, comprehensive data planning, and high-quality planning and design of system reliability schemes. To meet high solution integration verification standards, our integration verification service ensures that the customers’ high performance and high availability requirements are precisely fulfilled. In scenarios with diversified delivery and have a long delivery time, electric power meters are deployed according to the project scenarios — supported by professional tools and locally customized with interconnected software. This facilitates high-quality on-site construction and delivers great adaptability in complex scenarios of power IoT projects. In addition, one-stop verification environments are established to promptly reproduce and handle faults, ensuring a stable network.

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