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To guide customer facing tier (CFT) channel partners to improve their technical capabilities, we have launched the Huawei Partner Specialization System. CFT channel partners can demonstrate their specialized capabilities by achieving the specialization to win more business opportunities and enjoy more special incentives. In 2014, Huawei Partner Specialization includes three fields as follows: Enterprise Networking, Cloud & Data Center, and Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C). The following requirements should be met:

Huawei Partner Specialization Sales and Pre-sales Expert Post-sales Expert
Enterprise Networking
Enterprise Networking
or 1*HCS-Pre-sales-IP Network (Datacom or Security)
or 1*HCNA-Security
Cloud & Data Center
Cloud & Data Center
or 1*HCS-Pre-Sales (Storage, Server or Cloud)
or 1*HCNA-Cloud
or 1*HCS-Field-Server
or 1*HCS-Pre-Sales (UC, VC or IVS)
or 1*HCNA-UC 
or 1*HCNA-CC 
or 1*HCS-Field-IVS

In 2014, the Huawei Partner Specialization will be taken as a label signifying capabilities of CFT channel partners and will be taken as a prerequisite for CFT channel partners at and above the level of silver partners in the future.
In 2014, channel partners can apply for Huawei's Training Fund to cover training and exam expenses. Please contact the local channel manager for details.
After achieving the Huawei Partner Specialization, CFT channel partners are entitled to the special incentives for related products. Please contact the local channel manager for details.

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